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If you suffered losses in any of the private placement funds connected to Shopoff Realty Investments, contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( to request your free, no-obligation case consultation. Here are the different funds and entities that may be involved.

  • Shopoff Land Fund I
  • Shopoff Land Fund II
  • Shopoff Land Fund III
  • Shopoff Land Fund IV
  • Shopoff Land Fund V
  • Shopoff California Commercial Fund
  • Shopoff Group
  • Shopoff Realty Investments
  • Shopoff Commercial Growth and Income Fund
  • Shopoff Commercial Growth and Income Fund II
  • Shopoff Commercial Growth and Income Fund III
  • Shopoff Enterprises
  • Shopoff Enterprises Notes
  • Vertimass, LLC
  • SCF – 4440 VKA, LLC
  • SCF – 2100 Q Street, LLC
  • SCGIF II – Franklin, LLC
  • SCGIF II – Skypointe, LLC
  • SCGIF II – Des Plaines, LLC
  • TSG Fund IV

According to Shopoff Securities owner and broker William Shopoff’s CRD, more than $40M in settlements have been made to his customers since 2018. Also, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) accused him, his brokerage firm, and his brother of allegedly operating a $12.5M Ponzi scam. The self-regulatory organization (SRO) case contends that Shopoff used some of the investment proceeds to pay for personal expenses and overstated his liquidity and net worth related to the selling of Shopoff Land Fund IV and Shopoff Land Fund III.

Our investment loss recovery attorneys also are looking into allegations that Bill Shopoff allegedly unsuitably recommended Integris Secured Credit Fund II. Touted as a collateralized note that could allow participants to generate passive income from a fixed 12% yearly interest rate that was supposed to be paid quarterly, there are investors who reportedly did not receive that income last quarter.

Representing Accredited and High-Net-Worth Investors In Their Broker Fraud Lawsuits 

The victims of this alleged Shopoff Ponzi scam appear to be accredited investors. However, just because an investor has or makes enough money to fulfill the criteria for what it means to be “accredited” doesn’t mean that they are experienced investors or that they can easily withstand serious losses. As a matter of fact, while the alternative investment opportunities that are open to accredited investors can present the chance of making higher yields than what they might earn with more traditional investments, the exposure to the risk of loss is greater.

Our alternative investment loss recovery lawyers have represented many wealthy investors over the years. We know how to identify when broker fraud, negligence, or misconduct played a part in your investment losses—whether it was a bad broker who misappropriated funds or a financial advisor who failed to conduct the proper due diligence.

With more than a combined over a century’s worth of experience in securities law and the securities industry, we have represented investors in more than 1000 matters in arbitration, mediation, and litigation. We have secured full or partial financial recovery for more than 90% of the thousands of clients we have worked with over the decades.

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