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  Hartzell & Whiteman: The Investor's Advocate

Hartzell & Whiteman has substantial experience litigating cases involving securities issues. We represent individuals and businesses who have suffered financial losses due to fraudulent investment schemes sold by unscrupulous or inept investment promoters, stockbrokers, investment advisors or insurance salesmen.

We are experienced in handling cases involving the following types of misconduct:

Misleading or fraudulent sales pitches.
Unsuitable investment recommendations.
Account "churning" to generate excessive commissions.
Failure to execute trading instructions.

We offer a simple test to determine whether you may have valid grounds to recover your losses.

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If you have suffered losses due to the misconduct of an investment professional, you need competent attorney representation to help you recover your losses. Hartzell & Whiteman, L.L.P. is a law firm with expertise in assisting investors to recover losses through litigation and arbitration. Our attorneys represent investors in all types of securities disputes. We handle everything from complex federal and state court litigation to individual customer arbitrations.
We can review the facts of your case on a confidential, no-cost basis, and advise you on your options for recovering your investment losses. Please contact us.