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FBI And SEC May Be Investigating Whether Real Estate Investment Firm Was A Ponzi Scam 

If you are one of the approximately 1800 investors in iCap who has been wondering how to recoup your losses, please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) to request your free, no-obligation case assessment. Following recent allegations by third-party restructuring company Palladin that the Washington State-based real estate investment firm may have been a Ponzi scam, now there are reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is conducting a criminal investigation and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is performing a regulatory one.

The news of both probes was disclosed in a bankruptcy court filing for ex-iCap CEO Chris Christensen. He denies the allegations by Palladin.

iCap has been raising money from investors for the last decade and promised to put the funds into real estate projects in the Seattle area. Unfortunately, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2023 and reportedly owes investors about $250M. Not only that, but a number of investors were Chinese Americans and Chinese citizens who may have, allegedly, been targeted because of their ethnicity and residency status. The latter believed that by investing a certain amount in iCap they could acquire their green card under the US’s EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

In February 2024, Palladin asked the bankruptcy judge to find that iCap was run as a Ponzi scam. The restructuring company claims that most of iCap’s income was not from real estate projects but from investors. And while, according to The Seattle Times, iCap did invest $103M in real estate projects between 2013 and 2022, it only got back $104.4M when exiting them. That is a very low total net return of $1.4M.

iCap Investments Sold To Investors:

  • iCap
  • iCap Broadway
  • iCap Campbell Way
  • iCap Equity
  • iCap Funding
  • iCap Holding
  • iCap Holding 5
  • iCap Holding 6
  • iCap Investments
  • iCap Management
  • iCap Pacific Development
  • iCap Pacific Income 4 Fund
  • iCap Pacific Income 5 Fund
  • iCap Northwest Opportunity Fund
  • iCapPacific Northwest Opportunity and Income Fund

  •  iCapPacific NW Management
  •  iCapRealty
  •  iCapVault
  •  iCapVault1
  •  iCapVault Management
  •  Senza Kenmore
  •  UW 17thAVE
  •  Vault Holding1
  •  VH 1121
  •  VH 2ndStreet Office
  •  VH Pioneer Village
  •  VH Senior Care
  •  VH Willows Townhomes
  •  VH Vault Holding
  •  725 Broadway

Why Hire Our iCap Investment Loss Recovery Attorneys?

These real estate investments are Regulation D private placements. Generally risky, illiquid, and complex, they are usually unsuitable for inexperienced investors. They should only be sold to accredited investors.

Yet, there are growing concerns that brokerage firms may have allegedly marketed and sold iCap securities to clients even when they were inappropriate for them given their low risk tolerance level or conservative investing profiles. Some may have even been retirees and retail investors. Meanwhile, brokerage firms reportedly earned commissions as high as 10% and may have been paid additional fees for the transactions.

Unfortunately, the unsuitable investment recommendations of alternative investments to unqualified and unsophisticated investors happens way too often and can result in devastating losses. Accredited and wealthy investors may also sustain losses in Reg D investments if broker fraud or some type of investment scam is involved.

When you work with Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas, you are retaining not just one of our securities attorneys, you are hiring our entire firm to fight for you. We represent many private placement investors in pursuing the damages they are owed from the brokers and investment advisers whose misconduct or negligence played a part in their investment losses.

From unsuitable investment recommendations to overconcentration to misrepresentations, omissions and more, we know how to identify whether your financial advisor breached their fiduciary duty to you and can maximize your chances for a full financial recovery.

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