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How Do I Know If My Financial Advisor Is Responsible For My Mutual Fund Losses? Contact our Mutual Fund Loss Attorneys Today

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Mutual Fund Loss Attorneys (investorlawyers.com) represent investors who have suffered significant losses in their mutual funds that were caused by the bad advice or mismanagement of a financial advisor. If you are a mutual fund investor who would like to determine whether you have grounds for a broker negligence claim, we can help you explore your legal options.

What Is A Mutual Fund?

Investor Who Lost Money In A Greg-Lindberg Issued Annuity Still Have Time To Act. Our Dedicated Annuity Fraud Law Firm  Are Suing Brokerage Firms For Those Who Suffered Financial Harm 

Once again, insurance mogul Greg Lindberg is fighting legal proceedings involving one of his companies. He recently asked the North Carolina Court of Appeals to get rid of a block that prevents him from interfering in the liquidation order of Southland National Insurance. He claims that Wake County Superior Court made a mistake when it refused to reconsider the rehabilitation plan for the insurer.

Southland National Insurance is one of several insurance companies owned by Lindberg that is under liquidation or rehabilitation. Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) are representing investors who have since suffered losses because brokerage firms unsuitably marketed and sold annuities in his companies:

Are You One of the 1800 Investors That Purchased iCap Securities? Our Private Placement Loss Lawyers May Be Able To Help You Recover Your Losses

If you are an iCap investor, please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Private Placement Loss Lawyers (investorlawyers.com). Our seasoned Regulation D investment loss attorneys are looking into claims of losses and investigating which broker-dealers should be held liable for damages. We are speaking with both US investors and Chinese nationals. Many of the latter were reportedly hoping to secure their US EB-5 visas by investing.

Real estate investor and manager iCap Enterprises had raised $245M from investors with the help of independent broker-dealers. However, earlier this year, dividend payments were suspended supposedly because of the risk of growing interest rates. In September 2023, iCap filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and its founder Chris Christensen resigned. Third-party management group Paladin is now overseeing these real estate investments that include private placements and at least one publicly registered security, the iCap Vault 1.

Older Investors Remain Among The Most Vulnerable Targets of Broker Exploitation

Our Elder Financial Abuse Attorney Teams Are Investigating Claims of Losses Involving Ex-Mutual Securities Broker Julie Darrah

Financial exploitation of older people remains a huge problem, and such crimes frequently go unreported because victims are reluctant to speak out. Those who commit elder financial abuse may be friends, family, acquaintances, and even trusted stockbrokers and investment advisers who should have been looking out for their client’s best interests and not taking advantage of them.

More Investors Seek To Recover Damages After Working With Ex-Fortune Financial Services Broker Richard Wesselt

Our Financial Advisor Fraud Lawyers Represent Claimants With FINRA Lawsuits 

More than a year after Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Financial Advisor Fraud Lawyers (investorlawyers.com) began investigating claims of investment losses involving customers of ex-Fortune Financial Services stockbroker Richard Michael Wesselt, the number of broker fraud claims in his CRD has grown. Wesselt, a former Pennsylvania financial advisor who was barred by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), now has 32 disclosures listed. Several of the customer disputes are still pending.

I’m A Silver Star Properties REIT Investor. How Can I Recover My Losses?

Our Skilled Texas Non-Traded REIT Lawyers May Be Able To Help You

If you are a Silver Star Properties REIT investor, please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas(investorlawyers.com) today to request your free, no-obligation case consultation. This Texas non-traded real estate investment trust (non-traded REIT) left many reeling after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September as it continues its efforts to sell off a portfolio that included $400M worth of commercial properties.

Are You A Chinese Investor Who Suffered Losses in iCap Securities?

Our Broker Fraud Law Firm Represents Non-US Citizens in Recouping Losses From US Brokerage Firms

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Broker Fraud Law Firm (investorlawyers.com) is representing both US citizens and non-US citizens in recouping their losses involving iCap. Some 1800 investors are believed to have purchased iCap investments that were issued by iCap Enterprises and sold by US-based broker-dealers, which appear to have been paid up to 10% in commissions by iCap Equity.

When Unsuitable Trading Leads To Investor Losses

Our Unsuitable Trading Attorneys Are Speaking To Former Customers of Ex-Merrill Lynch Broker Robert Gerstein

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has suspended a former longtime Merrill Lynch financial advisor for allegedly recommending that some customers short-term trade their mutual fund shares and certain complex financial products that were better suited for a longer-term trading strategy. Robert Gerstein, who worked at the broker-dealer for more than four decades, consented to the six-month suspension, $5,000 fine, and $129,496 plus interest in restitution that the self-regulatory organization (SRO) imposed. However, he did so without denying or admitting to its findings. Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) are looking into claims of investor losses by former customers of ex-Merrill Lynch stockbroker Robert Gerstein or any other financial advisor.

Are You An Investor Who Lost Money In Tuscan Gardens REIT?

 Ex-Florida Broker Sean Casterline Allegedly Unsuitable Marketed Private Placements

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) is representing a South Carolina retiree in his broker fraud lawsuit against International Assets Advisory and its former registered representative Sean Donovan Casterline. The ex-Florida financial advisor, who was most recently with Delta Securities, was sanctioned by FINRA for allegedly taking part in unauthorized securities transactions without telling his member brokerage firm. This included the fact that he was Managing Director of Private Equity for Tuscan Gardens.

Are You The Victim of Excessive Use Of Margin?

Our Savvy Margin Abuse Attorneys May Be Able To Help

If you suffered significant losses after your broker unsuitably recommended that you borrow or buy on margin, please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) today. Using a margin account to increase capital and returns is incredibly risky and unsuitable for most novice and retail investors. Depending on your financial goals, age, and risk tolerance level, it may not even be appropriate for you even if you are a wealthy investor. That said, it can also be an appropriate and very profitable investing strategy for certain sophisticated investors who can handle a high level of risk.

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