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ACAP Fund Losses

If you are an investor who suffered losses due to your financial advisor recommending you invest in the ACAP Strategic Fund, you may have a case against your advisor to recover some of those losses.  Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) can help you explore your legal options for ACAP Strategic Fund losses.

What is the ACAP Fund?

I’m An Experienced, Wealthy Investor Who Suffered Serious Portfolio Losses. Can I Sue My Broker?

Our Trusted Stock Broker Fraud Lawyer Team Represented Sophisticated Investors, Accredited Investors, High-Net-Worth Investors, and Ultra High-Net-Worth Investors

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) Stock Broker Fraud Lawyer team represents wealthy and experienced investors in pursuing damages caused by broker negligence or fraud. If you are a sophisticated investor, your broker-dealer may try to argue that you fully understood the type of investment opportunity you were getting involved in and the risks you were taking. They may even argue that you welcomed the high risks that could also render great financial rewards while knowing full well that serious losses could result. Based on this argument they may try to escape blame and liability.

I’m An Older Investor. How Can I Recover My GWG L Bonds Losses?

Our Seasoned Private Placement Lawyers Can Help You Determine Whether You Have Grounds for Financial Recovery

More than a year after GWG Holdings defaulted on $2B in debt and filed for bankruptcy protection, it has become increasingly clear that much more could have been done to notify investors that the company was in financial trouble. Instead, thousands have been left with what could end up collectively being up to $1.3B in losses in a purported mass Ponzi scam.

When An Investor is The Victim of Selling Away

 Our Texas Broker Fraud Lawyers Are Investigating Claims of Losses Involving Former Clients of Ex-Momentum Independent Network Broker Leslie Jackson

Selling away is generally not allowed unless a financial advisor is engaging in this practice with the knowledge and approval of their brokerage firm. With selling away, the broker sells you a certain investment or financial product that is not being processed through their broker-dealer. This can prove risky for investors because they’ve placed their money in an investment that may not have been properly vetted and/or is not being supervised by the firm.

I’m A Retiree Who Lost Money After My Broker Placed My Savings In Non-Traded REITs. What Should I Do?

Our Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trust Attorneys Represent Retail Investors, Including Seniors and Retirees

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas represent investors from all walks of life who sustained significant portfolio losses due to the bad advice or misconduct of their financial advisors. Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients, including retirees and senior investors, to collectively recover many millions of dollars from their broker-dealers and investment advisers in arbitration, mediation, or litigation.

Did You Suffer Portfolio Losses While Working With Ex-Morgan Stanley Broker Ron Filoramo?

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Can Help You Determine Whether You Have Grounds For Pursuing Damages

If you are an investor who lost money while working with former Morgan Stanley financial advisor Ron Ernest Filoramo, please contact our trusted broker-dealer misconduct lawyers today. Since earlier this year, we have been investigating claims of portfolio losses involving those who worked with this ex-Fort Lauderdale broker. Filoramo, who was let go by the brokerage firm earlier this year, is involved in at least four investment loss recovery lawsuits.

How Can I Sue My US-Based Broker Over My Beechwood Bermuda Losses? 

Our Investor Fraud Loss Law Firm Represent Foreign Nationals In Suing Their Broker-Dealers

If you are an investor who suffered losses in Beechwood Bermuda (formerly PB Life and Old Mutual (Bermuda) and now Beechwood (Omnia)), Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) can help you explore your legal options. To date, our broker fraud law firm has filed over 100 broker misconduct lawsuits against the many US-based brokerage firms that allegedly unsuitably marketed and sold annuities in Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda), PB Investment Holdings, PB Life and Annuity, Colorado Bankers Life Insurance, and the other insurers owned by beleaguered billionaire Greg Lindberg to customers. Beechwood Bermuda is a Northstar (Bermuda) division.

Did Your Broker Fail To Fully Apprise You of the Risks Involving American Healthcare REIT?

Our Non-traded REIT Attorneys Are Looking Into Investor Losses

If your broker-dealer marketed and sold you American Healthcare REIT (previously known as Griffin-American Healthcare REIT IV), please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) today. The non-traded real estate investment trust (Non-traded REIT) recently came under scrutiny in the wake of an unsolicited tender offer from CMG Partners and its affiliates to buy 250,000 Class T and Class I common stock shares for $8.50/share. That’s equal to $2.13/share before the company’s one-for-four reverse stock split in 2022 and 73% of their current estimated net asset value (NAV).

Are You An Elderly Investor Who Suffered Losses in Colorado Bankers Life Insurance?

Our Annuity Investment Loss Attorneys Can Help You Explore Your Legal Options

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) are continuing to investigate investor claims of losses involving Colorado Bankers Life Insurance and Bankers Life Insurance, which are two of the insurers owned by billionaire Greg Lindberg. On September 4, The North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance and the now defunct insurers filed a brief with the state’s appeals court claiming that Lindberg was purposely engaging in tactics to prevent billions of dollars in payouts to annuity holders.

Western Colorado Investment Loss Recovery Attorneys

From Our Ridgway, CO Securities Law Offices, We Represent Investors Against US Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers

Our Colorado Western Slope investment fraud attorneys work with inexperienced investors, retirees, elderly investors, high-net-worth investors, sophisticated investors, and institutional investors in pursuing the damages they are owed because their broker or investment adviser was negligent or engaged in some type of financial advisor misconduct. We have law offices conveniently located in both Ridgway and Denver.

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