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What Questions Should You Ask A Broker You Are Considering Working With?

Investing your money is always a risk, which is why many people turn to stockbrokers and investment advisers for help. They want experienced financial professionals to handle their funds properly and allocate their assets wisely.

While in an ideal world, every broker would only make suitable investment recommendations in line with each customer’s investing profile, risk tolerance level, and financial goals—as well as refrain from making misrepresentations and omissions, overconcentrating a client’s portfolio with too much of the same investment, or engaging in other forms of stockbroker negligence or fraud—every year, there are thousands of investors who end up losing money because of the wrongful, erroneous, or negligent actions of their financial advisors.

When Broker Misconduct Leads To Tax Return Losses

Our Skilled Investor Loss Lawyers Work With CPAs and Investors in Pursuing Financial Recovery

Many people don’t realize that investing can impact them tax-wise. For example, if you receive income from your investments, you may have to pay an ordinary income tax rate or, in certain instances, a special tax treatment involving lower, long-term capital gains tax rates. If you made a profit from selling an investment, you will typically have to pay taxes for the money that you earned. Or, if you sustained a loss from the sale, you may be able to take a deduction depending on what assets were involved. A qualified CPA can help with such matters.

When Unsuitable Structured Product Recommendations Lead To Investor Losses

Centaurus Financial & Brokers Fined Over $1M For Marketing Variable Interest Rate Investments To Retail Customers

Once again, Centaurus Financial is making headlines for allegedly unsuitably recommending financial products that were too risky for retail customers. This time the investments were variable interest rate structured products, which are complex, illiquid, and have maturity rates of 15 years or greater.

Are You The Victim of Stockbroker Negligence?

Our Trusted Financial Advisor Negligence Attorneys May Be Able To Help

When many people think of investor losses caused by broker misconduct they often assume that intentional wrongdoing was involved. However, that is not always the case. Unsuitable investment recommendations, misrepresentations and omissions, and overconcentration in a customer’s account (along with a failure to diversify investments) may also be a result of broker negligence. Either way, whether you suffered losses due to stockbroker fraud or negligence, you may be able to sue your brokerage firm and their registered representative for damages. But first, you need to find out whether you have grounds for a securities claim.

Hiring Trusted Broker Misconduct Lawyers Can Maximize Your Chances of Financial Recovery

Customers of Emerson Equity Broker Robert Melberth Are Pursuing Over $12M in Damages

If you are a current or former customer of Emerson Equity financial advisor Robert Wyla Melberth, and you are wondering if your investor losses are due to alleged broker misconduct or negligence, please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( to request your free, no-obligation case assessment.

Suing Brokerage Firms for Elder Financial Abuse 

Ex-LPL Financial Broker Bradley Goodbred Charged In Alleged $1.3M Senior Investor Fraud

In Illinois, former LPL Financial stockbroker Bradley Allen Goodbred was arrested and charged with 23 felonies, including multiple classes of a felony involving both the exploitation of an elderly person and theft. Goodbred, who also was charged late last year by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with stealing $1.295M from a client with dementia, was fired by the broker-dealer in January 2021. He was permanently barred by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) a month later.

Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) Were Unsuitably Recommended to Retirees and Seniors

Over the past two years, our experienced investor loss attorneys have been astounded to discover how many US-based brokerage firms committed broker negligence by unsuitably recommending and selling Northstar (Bermuda) investments to foreign nationals seeking a safe haven for their assets. One can only assume that these broker-dealers and their financial advisors were lured in by the high commissions and fees they could earn from selling products from this obscure, offshore entity to clients who had been clear from the start about wanting to take on little-to-no risk.

Mexico Investor Files Seven-Figure FINRA Lawsuit Against Infinex Investments

Our Seasoned Brokerage Firm Arbitration Attorneys Are Here To Help Recover Investor Losses when Stockbroker misconduct is Suspected

There are different kinds of broker misconduct that can be committed by registered representatives and/or their broker-dealers. There is, of course, the most egregious kind, which is when a financial advisor purposely commits stockbroker fraud by running an investment scam or misappropriating investors’ funds by theft. These are crimes that should be prosecuted. However, criminal fraud charges don’t always lead to recovery of investor losses for victims. The same can be said for the outcomes of civil cases filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), or a state securities regulator against a broker-dealer.

For over 30 years, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( has been fighting for investors pursuing damages from their broker-dealers and financial advisors. With savvy FINRA lawyers representing you, filing your own broker misconduct against your brokerage firm can increase your chances for a full, or even partial, financial recovery.

What Are Common Types of Investment Fraud and How Can Our Broker Misconduct Attorneys Help?

Every day, there are financial scammers out there looking to steal money from unsuspecting investors. Some of these fraudsters are registered brokers using the legitimacy of their profession and the brokerage firms they are employed by to hide their schemes while targeting customers.

If you are someone whose financial advisor defrauded you in some type of investment fraud, our skilled broker misconduct attorneys at Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( may be able to help you pursue damages against the broker-dealer, which should have detected there were red flags and protected you from sustaining significant investment losses.

When Failure To Supervise Enables Broker Fraud

Texas Retirees Whose Financial Advisor Stole Their Savings File FINRA Arbitration Claim Against Planmember Securities 

As their customer, your broker-dealer has a fiduciary duty to properly supervise your accounts and your financial advisor’s activities when working with you. Unfortunately, failure to supervise these types of financial firms happens way too often. This lack of oversight makes it easy for stockbroker mistakes and wrongful misconduct to happen, which can lead to serious investor losses. That is why it is important to know when failure to supervise requires a broker fraud attorney to recover losses.

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