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Illinois Broker Fraud Attorneys

Our Trusted Chicago Securities Law Firm Represents Illinois Investors Against Their Broker-Dealers 

If you lost money on NYSE Chicago or in an investment that was marketed to you by a US financial advisor, and you are wondering whether stockbroker fraud or negligence was a factor, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( can help you explore your legal options. We represent investors throughout The Prairie State in holding broker-dealers liable for our client’s losses.

Should I Sue My Brokerage Firm Over My Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Losses?

Judge Orders Partial Payment to CB Life Annuity Investors

With tens of thousands of Colorado Bankers Life Insurance and Bankers Life Insurance investors owed hundreds of millions of dollars for the annuity policies they purchased, a superior court judge has ordered Colorado Bankers Life Insurance to pay them 25% of their policies—that is on 65,000 annuity contracts. Similar payments may also be decided for Bankers Life Insurance policyholders. While this order by the judge is in investors’ favor, as Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Senior Partner and annuity loss lawyer Kirk Smith explained in a recent Wall Street Journal article: investors should consider their legal options beyond the current bankruptcy, regulatory, and criminal proceedings if they want to maximize their chances for a full financial recovery.

Denver Broker Fraud Attorneys

We Represent Colorado Investors Who Have Suffered Losses Due To Financial Advisor Misconduct

For over 30 years, our trusted Denver Broker Fraud Attorneys have been helping investors from all walks of life to recoup their losses from the broker-dealers responsible. Unfortunately, financial advisor misconduct does happen more often than you would think. It is one of the reasons our own seasoned securities lawyers, many of whom used to be former brokers, left that industry and now choose to exclusively fight for investors while protecting their right to financial recovery.

Kentucky Broker Fraud Attorneys

Our Lexington, KY Securities Law Firm Is Here To Help Investors Recoup 

To suffer investment losses can be devastating. When those losses were caused even in part by a financial advisor that you entrusted to keep your assets safe, the sense of betrayal and perhaps even the wondering of what you could have done to protect yourself may arise.

For GWG L Bond Investors, Pursuing Damages From Broker-Dealers May Be Best Chance of Getting Their Money Back 

Plan To Sell BENF Shares Could Result in 10 or 20 Cents on The Dollar for Bondholders 

If you are one of 27,000 GWG L Bond investors hoping to recover your losses through a class action securities fraud lawsuit or the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings against GWG Holdings L Bonds, the time to explore other legal options with a seasoned L Bond Investment Loss Lawyer is now. GWG is accused of operating an alleged more than $1.6B Ponzi scam. Its chairman Brad Heppner, who is also The Beneficient Company Group founder, is accused of running this purported multi-year fraud.

Western Colorado Broker Fraud Attorneys

Our Ridgway Broker-Dealer Negligence Law Firm Is Here To Fight For Investors

At Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (, we know how catastrophic it can be to suffer serious investment losses for any reason and especially if one of those causes is the wrongful or negligent actions of your stockbroker. It is why we have spent over 30 years exclusively representing investors against financial firms. With our Western Colorado broker fraud law offices conveniently located in Ridgway, we work with novice investors, retirees, senior investors, sophisticated investors, high-net-worth investors, and institutional investors throughout the state.

Did You Suffer Portfolio Losses Because Of A Failure To Diversify?

Our Skilled Overconcentration Attorneys Help Investors Pursue Financial Recovery

Financial advisors should know the importance of properly allocating an investor’s funds among different kinds of financial products, asset classes, or market sectors. Seeing as all investments come with some risk, proper diversification increases protection from serious losses because should one investment plunge in value, the hope is that the returns generated by the other financial products in the portfolio can help offset the overall impact on an investor’s money.  In other words, to use a popular phrase, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

The Number of Broker Fraud Lawsuits Against Citizens Securities Over CB Life Annuity Losses Is Growing 

Our Trusted Annuity Loss Attorneys Represent Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Investors

With tens of thousands of investors, including retirees, sustaining losses in Colorado Bankers Life Insurance annuities, the number of broker negligence lawsuits filed by claimants seeking damages is increasing. One of the brokerage firms that has come under fire for allegedly unsuitably recommending these investments to customers is Citizens Securities, which is also under investigation by Massachusetts regulators for this very reason.

Mississippi Broker Fraud Attorneys

Our Gulfport, MS Investor Loss Law Firm Has Helped Thousands To Recover Damages

Any time you invest, you are always taking on some risk. As a matter of fact, it is a red flag if someone recommends an investment with the promise of zero risk of loss along with the “guarantee” that you will make money. Also, serious investment losses can happen due to market volatility or adverse events. However, if you sustained any portfolio losses that you suspect may have been, in part, due to financial advisor misconduct or negligence, our Gulfport, Mississippi Broker Fraud Lawsuit Attorney teams can help you determine whether you have grounds for a lawsuit seeking financial recovery.

Why Colorado Bankers Life Insurance And Bankers Life Insurance Investors Should Continue To Explore Their Legal Options 

Greg Lindberg’s Proposal To Buy Policies From Investors Is Not A Guarantee of Financial Recovery 

Beleaguered insurer Greg Lindberg—the owner of Colorado Bankers Life Insurance, Bankers Life Insurance Company (BLIC), Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda), and a number of other insurance companies—is now asking a North Carolina court to allow him to use the $40M meant to cover his personal tax liabilities from the sale of one of his companies to buy annuities from CBLI and BLIC policyholders who are having financial problems. Currently, tens of thousands of investors, many of them retirees, and seniors, have been unable to access their funds in these annuities over the past few years.

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