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We were unable to find an attorney in California, who would accept a percentage of the award as compensation. This firm has an attorney on staff with a California license and traveled to California for mediations/arbitration. Kirk and Sam worked very hard, and it showed based on their outstanding case presentations. We are very pleased with the outcome of the case and highly recommended them.

To whom it may concern, and in case of presenting any problem with investment funds such as those that I presented to the detriment of my Economic resources, the Law Firm Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas, LLP, I highly recommend it since through them I was able to recover part of my investment for its excellent management with the financial entity, I am totally grateful for what has been done by this law firm and its professionalism to help me in my case that had been waiting for a response from the financial entity for years. I do this Testimony selflessly, and which can help many.

My husband and I were involved in an unfortunate investment. We reached out to Shepherd, Smith, Edwards & Kantas, LLP and were immediately impressed with their knowledge pertaining to our situation. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire process, they set up a timeline of how things would unfold & a fee structure....and hit all the marks spot on. There were no surprise fees at the end so we found them to be honest and trustworthy. We hope not to need their services again, but would highly recommend this firm.

Good positive experience, guided us through a difficult process and was pleased with the outcome. Everyone I dealt with were exceptional.

I want you to know that I very much appreciate your expertise, hard work and guidance that led to a satisfactory resolution with Raymond James. From our first meeting, I felt "heard" and that my situation and story were respected. Every subsequent interaction I had with any of you - in person, via email or by phone - only corroborated that feeling. What great work you do on behalf of people like me who have been wronged, yet don't know how to navigate the appeals/mediation/arbitration process as you do. I will be forever grateful.

My recent experience in a FINRA arbitration convinced me that Sam Edwards is a very gifted attorney. He was top notch. I needed a good trial lawyer fully acquainted with FINRA and its associated arbitration process. Sam was "the man." Sam and his colleagues could speak with beaucoup experience in such arbitrations. He had the respect of all concerned and with good reason. It was a very impressive performance to me, a trial lawyer with 45 years of experience.

I am going to miss conversations with you, Sam Edwards. You’ve been a wonderful lawyer and a friend. I loved learning legal jargon from you. But, even more, it is your self respect and commitment to your position that I admire and your persistent patience-your equanimity. With great appreciation, thank you!

My experience with Ryan Cook has been very positive. Through every step of the litigation he explained what to expect to happen. When I spoke with him later he reviewed the process. He was very patient and I never felt rushed. I have already told friends how wonderful he is.

Great firm. Very knowledgable lawyers!

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

These guys are great. Kirk was exceptional. If you have problems with a stockbroker call them.

Good intelligent attorneys who never miss a beat. I set my expectations high and they delivered above and beyond. Do not miss the opportunity to let SSE&K represent you. Top notch, efficient and effective firm.

I can't say enough how wonderful it was being represented by this firm. Sam Edwards and Kirk Smith were terrific and true professionals. They walked us through the entire process of our case, and it was a winning success!!! Their supporting staff Thomas and Patty were great! I'm so thankful they were recommend to my family.

David Miller is one the sharpest most professional attoneys I have eve dealt with. He knows his stuff.

Great lawyers, great people and great result!

We had a complicated securities case that went to FINRA arbitration. We were one of the first FINRA cases that was done on Zoom, and SSEK handled it so well that we got compliments. They knew how to present the case, and we won everything we asked for!! The other thing I liked about this firm was that they took the high road, and were not insulting and caustic like the other party we were up against. I couldn't be happier about the process or the result.

Honest, expert, professional hard working attorneys, who had my back and fought for the "little guy" and overall financial consumer protection every step of the way. It was a long tedious journey through FINRA arbitration AND federal court. I would use SSEK in any court battle.

I cannot say enough great things about SSEK and our experience with them. This firm embodies everything you need in a legal team. This is the law firm you want when you are dealing with FINRA or other securities/investment law issues because they are true experts in this field. They are also extremely talented fighters. Sam, David, and retired partner, Robert Kantas, fought for us and stayed with us through a long drawn out fight against IB. Thanks to SSEK, the legal system agreed that the law was on our side but even at times when we were not sure how things would land, SSEK continued to support us and guide us through all of it. They were always very transparent and open with us regarding any developments in our case as well as how they planned to approach fighting our case. Anytime we had questions or concerns they were always very responsive. It is bittersweet my time with SSEK has come to an end – thankful the fight is over but sad to part ways with such a wonderful group of people.

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