BitConnect Shutters Its Lending and Exchange Operation, Leaving Texas Investors With No Place to Trade Their BCC Currency

BitConnect, an investment lending platform for Bitcoin, has suddenly announced that it is shuttering its lending and exchange operation immediately. The company said that its exchange platform would shut down in five days. In a post on its site, BitConnect said that moving forward, it would operate for “wallet service, news and educational purposes.”

The announcement caused the price of BitConnect Coins (BCC), which is its Bitcoin currency, to plunge by over 90%–from over $400/coin to about $17.25/coin. Now, its investors are left wondering what to do with their coins.

Some site users are claiming that even though the exchange for the BCCs was supposed to stay open throughout the week, they have been unable to process trades because they cannot access the exchange. CoinDesk reports that one investor sent an email, claiming over $400K in losses because of this.

BitConnect had solicited investors in Texas and other US states. Recently, both the Texas State Securities Board, which called the company’s tokens unregistered securities, and the North Carolina Securities Division, which contended that an upcoming BitConnect initial coin offering involved the selling of unregistered securities, issued temporary cease-and-desist orders. The regulators alleged fraud, with the North Carolina regulator accusing BitConnect promoters of also engaging in illegal activity. The Texas regulator ordered the company to stop several of its investment programs.

The company has worked with multi-level affiliate marketers to pursue new investors, who also supposedly would be allowed to bring in investors. Some of these affiliates would go online, touting their investment “profits” even though they had made the money from commissions, not investments.

BitConnect had offered its tokens with the promise of 100% yearly returns, including up to 40% monthly returns and a 1% return of investment daily. The more cash that someone invested, supposedly, the larger and more immediate the possibility of profits.

Texas Securities Fraud
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