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Are You A Chinese Investor Who Suffered Losses in iCap Securities?

Our Broker Fraud Law Firm Represents Non-US Citizens in Recouping Losses From US Brokerage Firms

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Broker Fraud Law Firm ( is representing both US citizens and non-US citizens in recouping their losses involving iCap. Some 1800 investors are believed to have purchased iCap investments that were issued by iCap Enterprises and sold by US-based broker-dealers, which appear to have been paid up to 10% in commissions by iCap Equity.

ICap Enterprises raised $245M from investors through independent brokerage firms. In 2023, dividend payments were suspended and in September the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. More than 25% of these investors are believed to be Chinese nationals, including many in the Seattle, Washington area.

If you are a foreign national, it is important to know that you have legal options when it comes to holding a US broker liable for misconduct or negligence. It is essential, however, that you have a skilled broker misconduct law firm representing you that knows how to pursue this type of legal claim.

Our seasoned securities fraud attorneys have successfully represented many foreign nationals over the years, including Chinese citizens who are US residents and Chinese investors who reside abroad. With iCap real estate investments, it appears that many of the Chinese nationals who got involved were hoping to obtain their US EB5 visas. Under the EB-5 Investor Visa Program, non-US citizens who invest a specific required amount in certain kinds of investments may be able to qualify for visas that will allow them to become lawful US residents.

Real estate investments are generally high-risk, illiquid investments, and they are usually unsuitable for inexperienced investors or conservative investors. If your broker sold you an iCap security even though it was inappropriate for you given your risk-tolerance level or investing profile, failed to fully apprise you of the risks, or concentrated your account, you may be able to sue the brokerage firm for financial recovery.

While your initial instinct may be to wait and see how the bankruptcy proceedings shake out, you should know that is not the best way to recoup your losses. However, if broker negligence was a factor, you may be able to pursue damages by filing your broker-dealer fraud lawsuit with our help.

The ICap Investments that Brokerage Firms Sold To Investors:

  •  iCap
  •  iCap Broadway
  •  iCap Campbell Way
  •  iCap Equity
  •  iCap Funding
  •  iCap Holding
  •  iCap Holding 5
  •  iCap Holding 6
  •  iCap Investments
  •  iCap Management
  •  iCap Pacific Development
  •  iCap Pacific Income 4 Fund
  •  iCap Pacific Income 5 Fund
  •  iCap Northwest Opportunity Fund
  •  iCap Pacific Northwest Opportunity and Income Fund
  •  iCap Pacific NW Management
  •  iCap Realty
  •  iCap Vault
  •  iCap Vault 1
  •  iCap Vault Management
  •  Senza Kenmore
  •  UW 17thAVE
  •  Vault Holding 1
  •  VH 1121
  •  VH 2ndStreet Office
  •  VH Pioneer Village
  •  VH Senior Care
  •  VH Willows Townhomes
  •  VH Vault Holding
  •  725 Broadway

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