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What Are Some Red Flags In Brokerage Account Statements That May Indicate Possible Investment Fraud? 

Our Skilled Broker Negligence Attorneys Can Help Assess Whether You Have Grounds For A Securities Lawsuit

It can be hard to know for certain whether you have been the victim of broker misconduct or negligence. This is where Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( can step in. For more than three decades, we have helped thousands of investors, including retail investors, retirees, senior investors, high-net-worth individual investors, institutional investors, and others, determine whether their investment losses are due to the actions, or lack thereof, of their financial advisors. More than 90% of the clients we have represented have received full or partial damages for the harm they have suffered at the hands of their broker-dealers.

If you are wondering whether you may be the victim of investment fraud and have yet to speak with our knowledgeable brokerage firm negligence attorneys, one preliminary step you can take is to look at your account statement.

A Few Red Flags To Look for That Could Be Signs of Possible Investor Fraud:

  • Excessively high fees.
  • Unknown account charges.
  • Unusually consistent high returns.
  • Investments that seem too risky for you given your risk tolerance level, financial goals, and investor profile.
  • Missing securities in your account.
  • Trades or withdrawals that you never authorized.
  • Questionable changes to your account balance that you don’t understand.
  • Missing account statements.
  • A lack of responsiveness from your financial advisor, especially when it comes to answering questions you might have about your investments.
  • Communications from your broker through their personal email address.
  • A financial advisor attempting to resolve a discrepancy by writing you a check without their broker-dealer’s involvement.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Broker Fraud?

One might think that attempting to deal with your suspicions directly with your broker-dealer is the best approach. Unfortunately, most brokerage firms are reluctant to admit liability or wrongdoing and may even stonewall you in your efforts.

This is why it is important that you consult with our savvy broker misconduct attorneys immediately to explore whether you have grounds for a FINRA lawsuit. Should we agree to work together, not only can Shepherd Smith Edwards, and Kantas assess any key documentation, including account statements, correspondence with your financial advisor, and other evidence, but also, we can represent you in pursuing the financial recovery that you are owed.

With a combined more than a century’s worth of experience in securities law and the securities industry, our team of trusted brokerage firm arbitration lawyers, fraud experts, legal assistants, and consultants have collectively recovered many millions of dollars for investors.

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