Edward Jones and Merrill Lynch Brokers Like Where They Work, While UBS Representatives are the Least Happy

According to Registered Rep magazine’s latest Broker Report Card, 98% of Edward Jones brokers say their securities firm is the best place to work. 78% of Merrill Lynch brokers ranked their investment firm as the number the one workplace.

Findings were compiled from Internet surveys taken by 898 captive brokers last October. Other results:

• 73% of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney representatives gave their firm the top spot.
• 53% of Wells Fargo Advisors (includes Wachovia Securities and AG Edwards) brokers said their place of work was #1.
UBS received the least accolades from its workers, with just 1/3rd of its brokers ranking it as the best securities firm workplace.

However, UBS brokers were at the top of the heap for self-reported metrics. According to UBS advisers, they claim an average $101.2 million for assets under management and gross production of $696,032. Other firms:

Merrill Lynch representatives: $655,250 average gross production; $97.1 million under management • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney brokers: $84.9 million under management ; $619,961 in production • Wells Fargo representatives: $80.2 million in client assets; $542,350 in production • Edward Jones representatives: $364,258 in average production; $58.6 million in assets under management
Yet, as Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas, LLP founder and stockbroker fraud lawyer William Shepherd points out, “securities brokers at large firms with average production receive about 30% of their gross production in pay. Brokers at Edward Jones receive about half. Thus, the take home pay for the brokers is not as different as is indicated. In any event, it is notable that the average stockbroker earns about $200,000 per year, a college degree is not required to gain a license, and the training takes only 4 months.”

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