Ex-UBS Financial Adviser Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Private Fund Investors

Steven T. Kobayashi has pleaded guilty to money laundering and wire fraud. The former UBS financial adviser is accused of bilking his private investment fund investors. As part of his plea agreement, he will pay $5,431,600 in restitution and serve a 65-month prison term.

Per the criminal charges, beginning in 2006 Kobayashi, who regularly made financial trades authorized by clients whose account he had access to, started transferring some of these funds into his own bank accounts without the investors’ “knowledge or authorization.” In some instances, clients gave their authorization because they were told the withdrawals were necessary to make investments. On other occasions, he forged their signatures on authorization forms.

Earlier this year, the ex-UBS adviser settled SEC securities fraud charges. The agency says that Kobayashi set up Life Settlement Partners LLC, which is a fund that invested in life settlement polices. He was able to raise millions of dollars for the fund from his UBS customers. However, he also started using the money to pay for prostitutes, expensive cars, and pay off gambling debts.

The SEC says that to try and pay back the fund and investors before they discovered his misconduct, he convinced several other UBS clients to liquidate securities and transfer to the proceeds to entities under his control. This allowed him to steal more money from the investors. Kobayashi settled the SEC charges without denying or admitting to them.

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