What Should Investors Know About The FINRA Arbitration Process?

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If you are an investor looking to pursue financial recovery for your investment losses caused by unsuitable investment recommendations, misrepresentations and omissions, unauthorized trading, or other grounds, there is a very good chance that you signed an agreement with your broker-dealer in which you both consented to resolve any disputes through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration process. You may not have realized this at the time, but with that agreement, you essentially gave up your right to sue your brokerage firm and their financial advisor in court.

This is where Shepherd, Smith, Edwards, and Kantas’ securities lawyers (investorlawyers.com) can help. Our skilled FINRA lawyers have been fighting for investors for years and this includes representing our clients before panels of arbitrators all over the United States. 

What is FINRA arbitration?

Through this process, an investor can bring their disputes against a broker-dealer and/or financial advisor before a panel of FINRA arbitrators. These arbitrators will hear their arguments, examine key documents, listen to witness testimonies, and render a ruling. 

The decision, which is “final and binding” may include an award for the claimant against the respondent(s). FINRA arbitration is typically a confidential process and any documents involved are not shared with the public. 

 Who is FINRA’s arbitration forum for?

Investors who have conducted business with a FINRA-registered broker-dealer or FINRA-registered broker/financial advisor and now wish to pursue damages for financial recovery against the firm and/or their financial advisor.

 Where do FINRA arbitration proceedings take place?

They happen all over the United States. Here is the list of states where FINRA arbitrations occur. The hearing always takes place in the venue closest to where the consumer resides.

Why you should hire a seasoned securities attorney and investment fraud law firm 

You want to be represented by knowledgeable FINRA attorneys who understand not just how the FINRA arbitration process works but that also have a record of winning awards for investors. As we mentioned earlier in this post, any ruling by the panel is final, which is all the more reason why you want to build and present as solid of a legal claim as possible. 

It is a proven fact that FINRA investor disputes filed with the help of savvy securities lawyers have a greater chance of financial recovery. Over the years, Shepherd, Smith, Edwards, and Kantas have worked with thousands of investors. We have recovered many millions of dollars against the broker-dealers whose wrongful or careless actions caused their investment losses. 

It is also highly likely that the brokerage firm you are going up against will have its own lawyers representing them. Why not have your own legal team fighting for you? 

 How Much Does It Cost To Work With Us?

Our expert FINRA attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that unless we recover all or part of your claim, you don’t pay us any legal fees. Any such fees would come out of the amount recovered and never out of your own pockets. 

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