FINRA Awards more than $4M to Elderly Investors Bilked by Ex-First Allied Securities Broker

A Financial Industry Regulatory Authority arbitration panel has awarded over $4.3M to investors in their elder financial fraud case against former First Allied Securities broker Anthony Diaz. The plaintiffs contend that he invested their retirement funds in high risk private placement investments that were unsuitable for them. They are alleging inadequate supervision, misrepresentation and omissions, unsuitability, fraud, and other violations.

Diaz is considered to be a rogue broker by the regulator, who barred him in 2015. He not only worked at 11 firms win 14 years, but also he appeared to have no problem getting another job whenever he was let go from a previous. Diaz’s BrokerCheck profile shows that he is named in 53 customer dispute and regulatory disclosures.

The arbitration award to the investors is over $1M in compensatory damages, more than $413K in legal fees, and $2.9M in punitive damages. They settled with First Allied Securities last year.

Broker Fraud
It is up to financial firms to properly supervise their brokers and make sure that they are not defrauding investors. This includes refraining from hiring financial representatives who already have a track record for fraud and negligence. Unfortunately, rogue traders continue to be hired back into the industry and investors end up suffering. Even if a brokerage firm that employed a rogue broker was not directly involved in the fraud, it too can be held liable.

At Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas, LTD LLP, our broker fraud law firm is here to help investors in fighting to recoup losses they’ve sustained due to the fraudulent, negligent, or careless actions of those in the industry. We have successfully gone up against the biggest firms on Wall Street to help make our clients financially whole again.

Elder Financial Fraud
Older investors are especially vulnerable to broker fraud. Rebounding from losing their retirement savings due to wrongdoing and negligence can be a rough and uphill road. Financial fraud can take a toll on a victim’s health and wallet.

Our elder financial fraud attorneys work with senior investors and their families throughout the US. Contact us today. This is not the type of case you want to pursue without an experienced broker fraud law firm lawyer by your side.

The FINRA Award (PDF)

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