FINRA Suspends License of Dallas Broker-Dealer Linked to Failed Medical Capital Notes

Dallas-based securities firm Cullum & Burks Securities Inc. has had its license suspended by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. The broker-dealer, which had 1,300 client accounts, 100 affiliated reps, and $150 million in assets, reportedly failed to files its mandatory, quarterly Focus report.

Last November, FINRA said the Texas broker-dealer had violated its net capital requirement because it didn’t have enough capital to stay in business. It was then that Cullum & Burkes raised more capital.

The securities firm was one of three broker-dealers listed as sellers of Medical Provider Funding Corp. V, which is a series of private placements that were created by Medical Capital. Other sellers on the list included Securities America Inc. and First Montauk Securities Corp., which is now defunct.

A Reg D filing with the SEC in 2007 reported that the offering was for $400 million. Medical Capital raised about $2.2 billion in investor funds. Now, over half of the investors’ money has been lost.

Cullum & Burks Securities Inc. is the subject of a class action lawsuit filed over the Medical Capital notes sale. The complaint contends that the notes should have been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, the securities firm denies that it engaged in broker-misconduct in relation to the sale and sees itself as a victim of any wrongdoing committed by Medical Capital. In 2009, the SEC charged Medical Capital Holdings Inc. with securities fraud related to private placement sales.

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