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I’m An HJ Simms Private Placement Investor. What Can I Do To Get My Money Back?

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If you are one of the many investors who marketed and sold HJ Sims private placement offering by the firm, you may have suffered huge losses and are wondering how you can get your money back. The financial firm/broker-dealer Herbert J. Sims is under fire for its allegedly unsuitable sale of around $2.2B of Regulation D investments, many of which its own executives issued.

Of the approximately 93 HJ Sims private placements, a number of them have defaulted. Not only that but the majority of these investments came from Reg D issuers set up by HJ Sims executives. This means that many in the firm were benefiting financially from offering and selling these bonds. From sales commissions alone private placements can earn brokers around 7% to 12%. HJ Sims was the exclusive brokerage firm on 84 of these private placements.

There is growing concern that HJ Sims may have allegedly inflated bond prices on customer account statements, including when losses arose. Also, when a bond defaults on at least one interest and/or principal payment, its price goes down significantly.

For example, the private placement offering Madison Funding I, owned and run by HJ Sims executives, defaulted on principal payments that were due in March 2021. Interest rate payments then went down. Yet HJ Sims purportedly continued to evaluate the bonds on account statements at $100.

Other HJ Sims Private Placements To Default:

  • Sims Cathcart Funding
  • Cypress Point Funding
  • Riverchase Funding
  • Gryphon Finance I
  • Tuscan Isle Holdings I
  • Tuscan Isle Championsgate Holdings
  • Hawkeye Village Finance I
  • Meridian Portfolio Funding I
  • Wakefield Portfolio Funding I
  • HJSI Athena Portfolio Finance
  • Poet’s Walk Funding I

More than 40 HJ Sims Regulation D investments may have failed to submit yearly registration forms that state laws require.

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Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) are offering free, no obligation initial case consultations to HJ Sims investors who want help figuring out whether they have grounds for a legal claim for damages. Proving broker misconduct or negligence can be difficult, which is why it is important that you work with savvy Reg D offering attorneys that are experienced with representing investors that have suffered private placement losses.

Regulation D private placements tend to be high-risk, complex, illiquid, and unregulated investments. They are unsuitable for most retail investors, conservative retirees, and inexperienced investors. They also lead to unnecessary losses for accredited investors and high-net-worth investors especially if broker fraud was a factor.


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