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A Significant Amount of HJ Sims Reg D Bonds May Now Be Worthless. Investing Regulation D Private Placements Often Lead To Serious Losses. 

According to SLCG Economic Consulting, a large number of Regulation D offerings issued by Herbert J. Sims (HJ Sims) have defaulted and may be “virtually worthless.” The broker-dealer sold 93 private placement bonds over 10 years. It was the only brokerage firm that sold 84 of them. These alternative investments were worth $2.2B.

Not only that, but SLCG alleges that HJ Sims executives may have created and controlled nearly all of the Reg D issuers. The financial economics consulting firm contends that these executives only risked bearing a “small portion” on any losses while standing to make substantial profits on any gains, in addition to commissions and fees from the sales. Also, there have been accusations that the broker-dealer inflated bond prices on account statements.

If you sustained losses in an HJ Sims Reg D bond, contact Shepherd Smith Edward and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) today so that we can assess whether you have grounds for a broker fraud lawsuit for damages.

Why Are HJ Sims Reg D Offerings Unsuitable For Many Investors?

In addition to the broker fraud allegations that have been made against this firm over the sale of these private placements, regulation D investments are illiquid, risky, nontransparent, and generally lack the kind of oversight and protections that come with more traditional investments. They should only be sold to accredited investors who understand the risks that they are taking. Yet, many broker-dealers continue to market these offerings to retail investors and conservative retirees. That said, even accredited investors can be subject to serious Reg D losses.

A list of the HJ Sims bonds under scrutiny:

  • Fox Ridge Finance
  • Orchard View, Acquisition
  • DRSN Real Estate GP
  • Elderwood Acquisition
  • Heatherwood Acquisition
  • Sims Merrill Gardens III
  • Stuart Lodge Living/Stuart Lodge Properties
  • Discovery Funding Sarasota Bay
  • Athena Acquisition VI
  • Epic Finance I
  • Carmel Acquisition
  • Treeo Funding I
  • Fountains of Hope
  • Tuscan Isle Property Company
  • Tuscan Gardens of Venetia Bay Properties
  • Gryphon BH Funding
  • HJSI Athena Portfolio Finance
  • Tuscan Isle ChampionsGate Prop. Co.
  • Affinity Portfolio Funding
  • Affinity Portfolio Funding II
  • Affinity Portfolio Funding III
  • Affinity Development Funding I
  • BHCP Acquisition
  • Vantage Point Funding I
  • Sante Funding I
  • Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast Properties
  • Vita Funding I
  • LW Development Funding I
  • Affinity Funding IV
  • NHG Funding I
  • Affinity Portfolio Funding V
  • Affinity Portfolio Funding VI
  • Monarch Funding I
  • Sims Benchmark V
  • TL Funding I
  • Sims Merrill Gardens V
  • Stonebridge Funding I
  • NHG Funding II
  • Riverview ALF Holdings
  • Civitas Funding I
  • Inspirit Venue Funding I
  • Sims High Income Portfolio
  • NHG Funding III
  • Monarch Funding II
  • Monarch Funding III
  • Monarch Funding IV
  • DRSN Real Estate GP
  • TL Funding II
  • NREA Southeast Portfolio Three
  • Links Funding I
  • Family Health Funding I
  • Sims Benchmark VI
  • NREA Retreat, DST
  • Sims Merrill Gardens VI
  • Griffin Capital (South Beach – Vegas) DST
  • TL Funding III
  • TL Funding IV
  • Caraday Funding I
  • Crown Point Funding I
  • Magnolia Funding I
  • Voralto Funding I
  • Links Funding II
  • ALG Funding IX
  • Watermark FL Funding
  • SAL Funding I
  • Commercial Equipment Finance Income Fund
  • Elevate Funding I
  • Vinebrook Homes Trust
  • Parliament Credit Opportunities Fund
  • Comprehensive Care Funding I
  • PPG Funding I
  • PPG Funding II
  • Hill Valley Funding I
  • Links Funding III
  • NexPoint Buffalo DST
  • NexPoint Hughes DST
  • HBS Acquisition Finance
  • Mackenzie Preferred Funding
  • Cleveland Thermal
  • Sims Cathcart Funding
  • Cypress Point Funding
  • Riverchase Funding
  • Gryphon Finance I
  • Madison Funding I
  • Tuscan Isle Holdings I
  • Tuscan Isle Championsgate Holdings
  • Hawkeye Village Finance I
  • Meridian Portfolio Funding I
  • Poet’s Walk Funding I
  • Wakefield Portfolio Funding I
  • HJSI Athena Portfolio Finance
  • Fountains Acquisition Finance

If a Regulation D private placement offering does fall apart—and it frequently does because of default, income loss, declining principal, or some other reason—investors are the ones who end up losing.

Working with a skilled Reg D bond law firm that is familiar with these kinds of alternative investments, and knows how to prove broker negligence or misconduct, can increase your chances of obtaining the damages you are owed due to unsuitable investment recommendations, overconcentration, misrepresentations, and omissions, due diligence failures, or financial advisor fraud.

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas HJ Sims Investment Loss Recovery Lawyer teams have the knowledge, resources, and experience to represent Reg D investors against brokerage firms in arbitration, mediation, and litigation. Over the decades, more than 90% of our clients have received full or partial financial recovery because of our dedication and efforts.

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