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Did You Suffer Losses in the $155M Florida Ponzi Scam In Which  Deutsche Bank Was Found Negligent?

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the Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas team of Institutional Investor Loss Lawyers ( represent institutional investors in recouping the losses caused by fraud. Sometimes, this means holding financial firms labile for their negligence that may have allegedly enabled an investment scam to happen or caused their own clients to become exposed to such a scheme.

On April 25, 2023, a Florida federal jury found Deutsche Bank liable for failing to identify and stop a $155M Ponzi scam that resulted in a number of Cayman Island companies declaring bankruptcy and going into liquidation. Now, the German lender must pay $95M for its alleged negligence.

The $155M Ponzi scam has been described as a global fraud that caused hundreds of millions of dollars in investor losses, the mass looting of companies, and resulting liabilities for them. Investors were led by South Bay Holdings and Biscayne Capital International to believe that their funds were being placed in Florida real estate developments when, in truth, the properties that were supposed to be backing the notes were majorly leveraged. This meant that the notes were unsecured notes because they had no actual collateral behind them.

Liquidators accused Deutsche Bank employees of being aware that the funds being raised were being used for fraudulent purposes. They accused the financial firm of fraudulent trading as well as of negligence when it allegedly chose to ignore that investors’ funds were being siphoned from accounts. More than a dozen companies were among the investors from whom $155M was stolen.

Judges in Miami and New York have ruled that investor lawsuits accusing Deutsche Bank of disregarding warning signs that it was helping to fund the real estate scheme can proceed.

Why You Need To Speak With Skilled Institutional Investor Fraud Lawyers

An institutional investor loss lawsuit is not the kind of claim you want to pursue without seasoned securities lawyers by your side. For over 30 years, our savvy Institutional Investor Loss Lawyers have helped companies, pension funds, municipalities, charitable organizations, private equity investors, corporations, and many others in going after the damages they are owed. More than 90% of our clients have received full or partial financial recovery.

Ponzi schemes, especially mass scams involving plenty of victims, can be hard to investigate, including determining which parties should be held accountable. While some damages might be obtained by going directly after the scammers, victims can maximize their chances for a full financial recovery by suing the financial firms that either directly or indirectly involved them in the fraud.

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