JP Morgan Chase Agrees to Pay $861M to Lehman Brothers Trustee

A bankruptcy settlement has been reached between JP Morgan Chase & Co. and the trustee of Lehman Brothers. Per the agreement, JP Morgan will pay $106 million in securities and $755 million in cash-that’s $861 million. This will go to the customers of the now defunct Lehman Brothers Holding. The settlement comes after a two-year probe by trustee James Giddens in the Securities Investor Protection Act liquidation proceedings.

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., which is Lehman Brothers Inc.’s parent company, filed for bankruptcy in 2008. JP Morgan served as its clearing bank. Some 125,000 customers have filed claims worth about $180 billion total, of which about $130 billion are resolved. The claims that are left include those involving Lehman Brothers Holdings, Lehman Brothers International, and a number of hedge funds. JP Morgan and Lehman Brothers Holdings are still involved in two multibillion-dollar lawsuits.

Per court papers, the majority of the trustee’s claims against JP Morgan come from securities that the bank held but failed to liquidate following the collapse of Lehman brothers. While JP Morgan did not agree with all of the trustee’s findings, they consented to turning over the majority of the funds to resolve the dispute.

Lehman Brothers Holdings claims that JP Morgan Chase abused its role as a clearing house firm when it forced the former to surrender $8.6 billion in cash collateral. Lehman believes that if it could have held on to the funds, it wouldn’t have needed to file for bankruptcy and that even if it still had to shut down, it could have done so in a more orderly fashion.

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Securities Investor Protection Act , US Courts

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