“Poohster” Consultant Found Guilty of Insider Trading

Winifred Jiau, a Fremont, California consultant, has been convicted of insider trading and conspiracy. The network consultant was accused of selling technology company secrets to hedge fund traders for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The trial against Jiau was the first one involving an expert network firm. Primary Global Research in Mountain View employed her.

Expert networks reportedly connect hedge fund mangers and “consultants,” who are usually insiders at publicly traded companies, for a price. At least seven people linked to PGR have been charged with insider trading crimes.

According to Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara, Winnie Jiau exploited friends at public companies so she could get and then sell insider information. Noah Freeman, the government’s central witness and an ex- SAC Capital Advisors hedge fund portfolio manager who has pleaded guilty to his involvement, testified that she gave him illegal stock tips. He says that not only did he and his co-conspirators pay her $120,000 annually, but also she expected them to give her presents, which included iPhones, gift certificates, and lobsters. Those who paid her off received reaped substantial rewards. One hedge fund manager says that the tips he received were usually more “accurate” and “detailed” than any source and that the insider information allowed him to make $5 million to $10 million.

Some of Jiau’s hedge fund clients reportedly called her “the Poohster” after Winnie the Pooh, the fictitious bear that is always looking for a honey pot. Also, she reportedly used the code word “sugar” in emails and instant messages to refer to her payoffs. She called her tipsters “cooks” and her tips “recipes.”

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