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Are You One of the 1800 Investors That Purchased iCap Securities? Our Private Placement Loss Lawyers May Be Able To Help You Recover Your Losses

If you are an iCap investor, please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Private Placement Loss Lawyers ( Our seasoned Regulation D investment loss attorneys are looking into claims of losses and investigating which broker-dealers should be held liable for damages. We are speaking with both US investors and Chinese nationals. Many of the latter were reportedly hoping to secure their US EB-5 visas by investing.

Real estate investor and manager iCap Enterprises had raised $245M from investors with the help of independent broker-dealers. However, earlier this year, dividend payments were suspended supposedly because of the risk of growing interest rates. In September 2023, iCap filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and its founder Chris Christensen resigned. Third-party management group Paladin is now overseeing these real estate investments that include private placements and at least one publicly registered security, the iCap Vault 1.

Here is a list of iCap investments. They include multifamily real estate, apartment buildings, and standalone real estate that were either already cash-flow positive or had the potential to be cash-flow positive:

  • iCap
  • iCap Broadway
  • iCap Campbell Way
  • iCap Equity
  • iCap Funding
  • iCap Holding
  • iCap Holding 5
  • iCap Holding 6
  • iCap Investments
  • iCap Management
  • iCap Pacific Development
  • iCap Pacific Income 4 Fund
  • iCap Pacific Income 5 Fund
  • iCap Northwest Opportunity Fund


  • iCap Pacific Northwest Opportunity and Income Fund
  • iCap Pacific NW Management
  • iCap Realty
  • iCap Vault
  • iCap Vault 1
  • iCap Vault Management
  • Senza Kenmore
  • UW 17thAVE
  • Vault Holding 1
  • VH 1121
  • VH 2ndStreet Office
  • VH Pioneer Village
  • VH Senior Care
  • VH Willows Townhomes
  • VH Vault Holding
  • 725 Broadway

Here is a list of regional brokerage firms that sold iCap investments to customers:

  • Advisory Group Equity Securities
  • Ausdal Financial Partners
  • Bradley Wealth Management LLC
  • Cambridge Investment Research
  • Center Street Securities, Inc.
  • Chauner Securities
  • Claraphi Advisory Network, LLC
  • Cobalt Capital
  • Financial Goal Securities
  • Freedom Investors Corp
  • Gardner Financial Services
  • Green Vista Capital, LLC
  • IBN Financial
  • Kingsbury Capital
  • Merrimac Corporate Securities, Inc.
  • Meyers Associates LP
  • Pariter Securities
  • Skyway Advisors, LLC
  • Somerset Securities, Inc.
  • Stillpoint Capital
  • Titan Securities
  • Wall Street Strategies


If one of these broker-dealers or any other financial firms sold you one of the iCap investments listed above, and you have lost money as a result, you may be able to hold them financially responsible. This is not the type of legal claim you want to make without qualified securities representation by your side.

ICap Equity, which is based in Washington State, is estimated to have paid up to 10% in commissions to the brokerage firms that sold its private placements to investors. This may have clouded the judgment of financial advisors and potentially caused them to make unsuitable investment recommendations, misrepresentations, and omissions, commit due diligence failures, concentrate investors’ accounts, or engage in other types of broker fraud and misconduct.

How Can Our Savvy iCap Investor Loss Lawyers Help?

If you contact us today during your free, no-obligation case consultation, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas can help you determine whether you have grounds for a claim and explore your legal options with you. Our trusted iCap investor loss lawyers have been fighting for investors against brokerage firms for over 30 years. Should we determine that you should file an investment fraud lawsuit, and you retain our services, we can work with you to build a solid broker fraud lawsuit and file your claim for you. We would also represent you before the panel of FINRA arbitrators assigned to rule on your case.

Real estate investments tend to be risky, illiquid investments. They are not appropriate for most novice investors or those with low-risk tolerance levels. You want to work with savvy Reg D investment fraud attorneys who are experienced in representing clients with complex investment loss claims and have obtained successful outcomes. More than 90% of investors have received full or partial financial recovery with our help.

Representing Chinese Investors Over Their ICap Losses

Over 25% of iCap investors are believed to be Chinese nationals, including many in the Seattle area. You should know that you don’t have to be a US resident or live in this country to pursue damages from a US-based brokerage firm. Our securities law firm is currently representing dozens of other Chinese investors against the unsuitably brokerage firms that sold them Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) annuities.

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