Securities Lawsuits Expected to Reach Record High in ’11, Says Advisen Ltd. Report

Per Advisen Ltd’s latest quarterly report on securities litigation, the number of securities lawsuit filings will likely set a new record high for yet another year in a row. Records were set in 2008, 2009, and 2010 following the credit crisis. Advisen’s quarterly report was sponsored by ACE.

John Molka III , the report’s author, says that even with the credit crisis has eased up, the submission of securities lawsuits has not. 1,293 securities lawsuits were filed in 2010. Now, Advisen is saying that based on the number of securities complaints filed during the first quarter of 2011, you can expect the number of lawsuits for this year to beat that number. Molka speculates that this “elevated level of filings” could be the “new normal.”

During Q1 2011, 362 securities lawsuits were filed—a 47% jump from the number of complaints that were submitted in Q1 2010. Compare this first quarter to last year’s last quarter when 342 securities complaints were filed. Also, with 1,448 new filings as this year’s first quarter annualized rate, that’s already12% more than last year’s total filings. The complaints include those for breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder derivative cases, securities fraud, and securities class actions.

Although securities fraud complaints comprised the greatest portion of filings for the first quarter, breach of fiduciary duties lawsuits, which include merger objection complaints, are the real cause of securities lawsuit growth. Meantime, 18% of new filings were securities class action complaints, which in the past made up over 1/3rd of securities lawsuits. Securities class action lawsuits, however, still make up for the majority of the largest settlements. During this first quarter, the average securities class action case settled for $54.6 million.

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