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Securities Law Firm Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LTD LLP Investigates Investor Claims Related to Short Term Bond Funds

SSEK law firm, which specializes in investor claims, is investigating compliants over the liquidity and security of so-called “ultra-short term” bond funds. Because these funds were sold as cash alternatives, any loss of principal is not acceptable. Recently, investors have experienced subtantial losses on a number of these funds, including:

SSgA (STATE STREET) Yield Plus Fund: Investors have accused this fund of violating Federal Securities laws. Usually considered a diversified portfolio with high quality credit and debt securities, and “sophisticated credit analysis” and decisions made by a team of investment professionals, the Fund was actually heavily invested in high-risk mortgage-related securities and mortgage backed securities.

Fidelity Ultra-Short Bond Fund: Investors claim that they were told the fund’s goal was to seek a high level of current income that was in line with preserving capital. The plaintiffs’ litigation, however, allege that such statements were misleading and false because the fund failed to properly disclose that it was heavily invested in high risk mortgage-backed securities.

Evergreen Ultra Short Bond Fund: According to recent litigation, investors bought shares because they were told that the fund’s investment goal was to “provide current income consistent with the preservation of capital and low principal fluctuation.” Statements such as these are now being called misleading and materially false because the fund used a high-risk strategy (which it did not reveal to investors) that resulted in realized losses of about 18%.

Charles Schwab YieldPlus Funds — Schwab YieldPlus Select, Schwab California Tax Free YieldPlus, Schwab YieldPlus: Charles Schwab has been accused of violating industry regulations and state securities laws when it allegedly mislead investors about the fund’s underlying risks. All three Schwab funds’ losses have been magnified by mass redemptions.

Oppenheimer Rochester National Municipals: Although not technically an ultra short term bond fund, this high-yield municipal bond can experience short-term volatility. These kinds of bonds are thinly traded and investors could suffer when the bonds are sold into an unreceptive marketplace.

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