Texas Securities Fraud: Planmember Securities Corp. Registered Representatives Accused of Improperly Selling Life Settlement Notes

Brokers Kris Bradford Rhoden and Jimmy Wayne Freeman Jr. are accused of Texas securities fraud and of bilking investors of millions. The two registered representatives allegedly took part in the improper sale of life settlement notes. They are also accused of lying to their employer, PlanMember Securities Corp, about the sales. Now, Texas State Securities Board says the two men are facing $100,000 fines and license revocation.

Between June 2008 and February 2009, the two men allegedly sold note agreements that were supposedly backed by life insurance policies and a 10% simple-interest return guarantee over five years. They also are accused of selling an Immediate Income Investment Plan, which was purported to have been backed by life insurance policies and a five-year, fixed biweekly income account. National Life Settlements LLC, which was shut down by Texas securities cops in 2009 after it sold $30M in bogus promissory notes, was the issuer both products. (A judge later ordered that the investors it defrauded get back about $20 million.)

Now, state regulators are saying that Rhoden and Freeman did not comply with PlanMember’s supervisory procedures, which doesn’t allow private-securities transactions and requires that the broker-dealer approve any securities transactions occurring outside the regular course of business. The two brokers allegedly told Planmember on their compliance questionnaire that they did not sell such products. They are also accused of using their personal email accounts to let PlanMember clients know about the investments, as well as of failing to update their U-4 forms in a timely manner to show that they were marketing the life settlement notes.

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