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GPB Capital Holdings Investment Loss

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Our law firm represents investors nationwide with significant losses in their portfolios. In particular, we are currently representing investors with investments in GPB Capital Holdings that were placed in investors' retirement plans or investment accounts. SSEK was one of the first firms nationwide to file a GPB case. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION. IF THERE IS NO RECOVERY, THERE WILL BE NO FEE.

We are suing the advisory or brokerage firms that made the GPB recommendation. Our fee is based on what we recover from the advisory or brokerage firms. It is not based on your GPB principal. There will be no impact on the GPB product you are holding. You can wait for GPB to do something and not file a claim against the entity that made the GPB recommendation or you can file a claim against those responsible for the GPB recommendation, potentially recover assets from them, and still wait for GPB to return something to you. It is up to you. GPB Capital will do what it is going to do. That can't be controlled. In the interim, it behooves you to go after those that made unsuitable recommendations to you. Chances are you were also recommended other illiquid products. At the very least you owe it to yourself to contact us just to answer some questions.

Our attorneys and staff have more than 100 years of combined experience in the securities industry and in securities law. Several of our lawyers served for years as Vice Presidents or Compliance Officers of brokerage firms.

Each lawyer and staff member of our firm is devoted to assisting investors to recover losses caused by unsuitability, over-concentration, fraud, misrepresentation, self-dealing, unauthorized trades or other wrongful acts, whether intentional or negligent. We have handled over a thousand cases against hundreds of large and small investment firms.

Call us at (800) 259-9010 for a free, confidential consultation with a fraud attorney to discuss your experiences with GPB Holdings and to learn how our firm may be able to help you.

Examples Of Allegations Involving GPB Cases Filed By Shepherd Smith Edwards And Kantas:

Arkadios Capital and David Millican
The client in this matter, from Georgia, was approaching retirement and sought a sound financial plan. Arkadios recommended the client place an unnecessarily large amount of the client's IRA in private placements. This included a $175,000 investment in the GPB Holdings II fund.

Kalos Capital and Joshua Stivers DBA Platinum Wealth Advisory
This retiree based out of the Austin area was contacted by Stivers and Kalos Capital promising safe investments. Kalos and Stivers recommended that a large portion of the client's assets be concentrated in privately traded investments, including a large position in GPB Holdings II.

International Assets Advisory
Keen Butcher, a broker registered with International Assets Advisory, solicited investors via a mailer. The elderly retirees in this matter ended up attending a seminar in which a GPB representative was present. On the recommendation of Butcher and IAA, a six-figure investment was placed in GPB, specially GPB Arvada Waste Management and GPB Automotive Portfolio. There was also another recommended investment in a privately traded entity.

Money Concepts
The couple, in this case, dealt with Chris Keelin, a broker registered with Money Concepts. Keelin is based out of the greater Birmingham, Alabama area. Money Concepts and Keelin recommend that these clients use a home equity loan to purchase the GPB investment they recommended.

Kalos Capital, Pruco Securities and Christopher Shaw
This matter involves a retiree out of North Carolina with absolutely no investment experience. The broker, Christopher Shaw, is based out of the greater Charlotte area. 100% of the client's IRA was placed in privately traded investments, the majority of which was recommended to be placed in GPB. Shaw continued to be listed as the broker of record on Equity Trust statements changing employers from Kalos Capital to Pruco Securities.

These are just a few examples of the type of situations and firms that we have encountered. Please contact us to share your story.

Additional Information on GPB Capital Holdings
GPB Unable To Provide Key Documents

The alternative asset firm recently announced that it would be unable to deliver key tax documents, the K-1 form, to investors for the GPB Automotive Portfolio in time for the tax deadline this coming spring. However, this isn't the first time that the firm has failed to provide vital documents. For years, they have yet to disclose any audited financial statements to investors and regulators.

GPB Capital Holdings Under Investigation by the FBI

As recent as March 2019, GPB Capital found themselves under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"). This visit occurred just a few months after the US Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA") each began probing GPB Holdings separately.

Firms That Sold GPB Capital
  • Accelerated Capital Group
  • Advisory Group Equity Services, Ltd
  • Aegis Capital Corp
  • Aeon Capital, Inc.
  • American Capital Partners, LLC
  • Arete Wealth Management, LLC
  • Arkadios Capital
  • Ascendant Alternative Strategies, LLC
  • Ausdal Financial Partners, Inc.
  • Avere Financial Group, LLC
  • Axiom Capital Management, Inc.
  • BCG Securities, Inc.
  • Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage I, LLC
  • Cabot Lodge Securities, LLC
  • Calton & Associates, Inc.
  • Cape Securities, Inc.
  • Capital Financial Services, Inc.
  • Capital Investment Group, Inc.
  • Cascade Financial Management, Inc.
  • Center Street Securities, Inc.
  • Coastal Equities, Inc.
  • Colorado Financial Service Corp.
  • Concorde Investment Services, LLC
  • Crown Capital Securities, L.P.
  • Crystal Bay Securities, Inc.
  • D.H. Hill Securities, LLLP
  • David A. Noyes & Company
  • Dawson James Securities, Inc.
  • Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC
  • Detalus Securities, LLC
  • DFPG Investments, Inc.
  • Dinosaur Financial Group, LLC
  • Emerson Equity LLC
  • Financial West Group
  • FSC Securities Corp.
  • Geneos Wealth Management, Inc.
  • Great Point Capital, LLC
  • Hightower Securities, LLC
  • IBN Financial Services, Inc.
  • Innovation Partners LLC
  • International Assets Advisory, LLC
  • Investment Architects, Inc.
  • Kalos Capital, Inc.
  • Kingsbury Capital, Inc.
  • Landolt Securities, Inc.
  • Lewis Financial Group, L.C.
  • Lion Street Financial, LLC
  • Lowell & Company, Inc.
  • Madison Avenue Securities, Inc.
  • McDonald Partners LLC
  • McNally Financial Services Corp.
  • Moloney Securities Co., Inc.
  • Money Concepts Capital Corp.
  • MSC – BD LLC
  • National Securities Corp.
  • Newbridge Securities Corp.
  • Orchard Securities, LLC
  • Pariter Securities, LLC
  • Private Client Services, LLC
  • Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments
  • Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.
  • Sagepoint Financial, Inc.
  • Sandlapper Securities, LLC
  • SCF Securities, Inc.
  • Sentinus Securities, LLC
  • Silber Bennett Financial, Inc.
  • Stephen A. Kohn & Associates, Ltd
  • Triad Advisors, LLC
  • Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC
  • United Planners’ Financial Services of America, LP
  • Vanderbilt Securities, LLC
  • Vestech Securities, Inc.
  • Western International Securities, Inc.
  • Westpark Capital, Inc.
  • Whitehall-Parker Securities, Inc.
  • Wilmington Capital Securities, LLC
  • Windsor Steet Capital, LP
  • Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.
Advisors/Brokers Who Sold GPB
  • David Christopher Atlee
  • Hobby Barndollar
  • Ronald David Birnbaum
  • William John Braun
  • Phillip Todd Cartwright
  • Jeffrey Max Cohen
  • Henry E Crosby Jr.
  • John Marshall Culp
  • Arni Diamond
  • Daniel G Dillard
  • Jeffrey Dixson
  • Kevin Dziubela
  • John P. Gibson
  • Edward Paul Hadel Jr.
  • Michael Haffling
  • Charles S. Holt
  • Gary Lee Imel
  • Luke Johnson
  • Jack Lewis Jones Jr.
  • Sean Joseph Kelly (Sean Kelly)
  • Darren Michael Kubiak
  • Joseph Gerard Michaletz
  • Scott David Offerman
  • Martin Douglas Proshek
  • Willard Lewis Pugh
  • Mark Alexander Reffett
  • Mark Lee Robare
  • Joseph Patrick Roop
  • Christopher Russo
  • Daniel Ray Saur
  • Daryl Serizawa
  • Christopher J. Shaw
  • Michael Joseph Sievert
  • George Terlizzi
  • Eric Weschke
SSEK Can Assist With GPB Capital Holding Claims

GPB Capital Holdings is an alternative asset management firm based in New York. The firm advertises a focus on the acquisition of income-producing private companies. A large majority of GPB's portfolio includes investments in:

  • Automotive Retail
  • Debt Strategies
  • Special Situations
  • Technology Enabled Services
  • Waste Management
  • Healthcare

In 2013, David Gentile founded GPB Capital Holdings, which is headquartered in New York. Previously he was with Accounting firm of Gentile Pismeny & Brengel, LLP ("GP&B") of which he was also a founding member. According to its website, GPB Capital is a "alternative asset management firm that seeks to acquire income-producing private companies." To acquire these companies, GPB raises capital through private placements which are purchased by the consumer. In other words, GPB uses your money to buy companies.GPB Capital has reportedly claimed to have raised $1.8 billion from very prominent, accredited investors through private placement funds in waste management and automotive portfolios. However, there is mounting concern that these investors were not accredited.

GBP Holdings first came under scrutiny when it announced in the fall of 2018 that its funds were suspending dividends and redemptions and would not be selling any additional shares while the funds addressed accounting issues. Shortly after that, the alternative asset firm's auditor abruptly resigned, raising concerns that there could be accounting or other improprieties occurring within the GPB investment funds.

Around the same time, the Massachusetts Securities Regulator, William Galvin, announced that his office was investigating more than 60 brokerage firms within Massachusetts who had been selling GPB Capital Holdings to their customers.

Client Reviews
"I am going to miss conversations with you, Sam Edwards. You’ve been a wonderful lawyer and a friend. I loved learning legal jargon from you. But, even more, it is your self-respect and commitment to your position that I admire and your persistent patience-your equanimity. With great appreciation, thank you!" M.B.
"My experience with Ryan Cook has been very positive. Through every step of the litigation he explained what to expect to happen. When I spoke with him later he reviewed the process. He was very patient, and I never felt rushed. I have already told friends how wonderful he is." L.R.
"I want you to know that I very much appreciate your expertise, hard work, and guidance that led to a satisfactory resolution with Raymond James. From our first meeting, I felt "heard" and that my situation and story were respected. Every subsequent interaction I had with any of you - in person, via email, or by phone - only corroborated that feeling. What great work you do on behalf of people like me who have been wronged, yet don't know how to navigate the appeals/mediation/arbitration process as you do. I will be forever grateful." M.L.
"Good positive experience. Guided us through a difficult process and was pleased with the outcome. Everyone I dealt with was exceptional." A.G.
"Good intelligent attorneys who never miss a beat. I set my expectations high, and they delivered above and beyond. Do not miss the opportunity to let SSEK represent you. Top-notch, efficient and effective firm." S.M.
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