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What Should You Do If Your Citizens Securities Broker Sold You A Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Annuity? 

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If you are someone whose assets remain frozen in a Colorado Bankers Life Insurance annuity, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( can help you explore your legal options. Already, we have filed over 100 annuity fraud lawsuits against the broker-dealers that may have unsuitably recommended and sold policies in insurance companies owned by North Carolina billionaire Greg Lindberg.

Citizens Securities, which is also under investigation by Massachusetts regulators, is one of the brokerage firms we are pursuing damages from on behalf of investors related to their Colorado Bankers Life Insurance investment losses. Most recently, we filed yet another FINRA lawsuit against this financial firm on behalf of an older claimant that worked with broker Steven Williams. Our client contends that the Citizens Securities financial advisor failed to provide him with necessary disclosures, including that Lindberg was indicted. Williams also allegedly made misrepresentations and omissions about the risks involved with these annuities.

With Colorado Bankers Life Insurance company in rehabilitation —liquidation proceedings are currently under appeal—it is unknown when this investor will get back the principal he invested. Now, he is seeking up to six figures in damages.

Our seasoned Annuity Investor Loss Lawyer team is well-versed in the reasons why Colorado Bankers Life Insurance annuities, as well as other Lindberg-issued annuities, failed. We also are familiar with the dozens of firms that earned high commissions and fees from marketing and selling these policies to their customers. Due diligence failures, supervisory failures, negligence, overconcentration, unsuitability, and misrepresentations and omissions are among the claims we’ve brought against many of these broker-dealers for investors.

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Suing any financial firm is never easy—nor is trying to resolve your claim directly with them and without trusted legal representation by your side. Not only will most brokerage firms have their own attorneys defending them, but also, it is not unusual for them to try to deny or delay your efforts at financial recovery. This may make it harder to win your case in the long run.

Should we agree to work together, you and your FINRA lawsuit will be able to avail of the in-depth discovery we have already conducted into Lindberg-issued annuities. You will become part of our unit of broker fraud claims involving Colorado Bankers Life Insurance and Lindberg’s other insurers. All of our experienced securities lawyers, legal assistants, consultants, and others will be fighting for you.



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