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Our Colorado Investment Loss Recovery Law Firm Can Help You Determine Whether Financial Advisor Fraud Was Involved

Portfolio losses can have life-altering consequences for an investor. From our securities law offices in Denver and Ridgway, CO,  Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( represent Colorado investors in recouping the damages they are owed by the brokerage firms and investment advisers who should have done a better job of managing their clients’ assets.

Did Emerson Equity Broker Tony Barouti Sell You GWG L Bonds?

The Investment Broker Fraud Law Firm of Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Is Continuing To Investigate Investor Losses

If you are an investor who suffered losses in GWG Holdings L Bonds, please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( today. To date, our Investment Broker Fraud Law Firm has filed a number of broker fraud lawsuits against the broker-dealers and, in some cases, their registered representatives who allegedly unsuitably sold these high-risk junk bonds to investors. GWG Holdings is accused of operating a more than $1.6B Ponzi scam.

Did Your Broker Sell You ICap Northwest Opportunity & Income Fund Private Placements? 

Our Investment Loss Recovery Attorneys Can Help You Explore Your Legal Options

In March 2023, ICap Northwest Opportunity Fund CEO announced to investors that it would be suspending interest payments. Clearly this is bad news for ICap Northwest Opportunity and Income Fund private placement investors, many of whom may not have been aware that their broker marketed and sold them such risky, illiquid investments.

What Should You Do If Your Citizens Securities Broker Sold You A Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Annuity? 

Speak With One Of Our Skilled Annuity Investor Loss Lawyer Today

If you are someone whose assets remain frozen in a Colorado Bankers Life Insurance annuity, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( can help you explore your legal options. Already, we have filed over 100 annuity fraud lawsuits against the broker-dealers that may have unsuitably recommended and sold policies in insurance companies owned by North Carolina billionaire Greg Lindberg.

For Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) Investors The Time To Act Is Now

Our Seasoned Annuity Investor Loss Attorneys May Be Able To Help You Go After Your Broker

Nearly two and a half years after Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) filed for bankruptcy protection, there has been no significant progress in liquidation proceedings. If you are someone who invested in an annuity or annuity-like product from this offshore entity and suffered significant losses, the time to act is now.

Are You A Retiree Whose Citizens Securities Broker Sold You Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Annuity?

Our Trusted Senior Investor Fraud Lawyers May Be Able To Help You Recoup Your Losses

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas team of Senior Investor Fraud Lawyers ( are helping many of the investors who suffered losses in Colorado Bankers Life Insurance and the other insurance companies owned by Greg Lindberg. This includes, most recently, filing another FINRA lawsuit against brokerage firm Citizens Securities, Inc. on behalf of a Florida retiree who is seeking up to $500K in damages.

When Oil and Gas Investment Fraud Lead To Financial Losses 

Contact Our Skilled Texas Oil and Gas Investor Loss Attorneys Today

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a civil complaint against Clean Energy Technology Association Inc., Freedom Impact Consulting, LLC,  and other defendants accusing them of raising $155M from more than 500 investors in an alleged oil and gas-related fraud. The securities regulator contends that allegedly false statements were made about the leasing of carbon capture units to big oil and gas producers. Investors were told they would be paid returns from the supposed revenues made from running these units. Now, the SEC is contending that the investment is a “sham.”

Are You Wondering Whether You Received Poor Investing Advice From Your Broker? 

You May Be Able To File a Broker Negligence Claim If You Ended Up Suffering Significant Investor Losses

Even if your broker never intended for you to lose money, if that is what happened because they gave you poor investment advice, then you may be able to sue your financial adviser and their brokerage firm for damages. Granted, no one is perfect, and mistakes can happen despite someone having the best of intentions. And, there are plenty of times when a broker makes an investment recommendation that ends up going badly and it is not their fault.

GWG L Bond Investors Still Have Time To Sue Their Brokers Over Their Losses

Our Knowledgeable GWG Investment Loss Attorneys Can Help You Explore Your Legal Options

Nearly one year after GWG Holdings, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, L Bond investors who were sold $1.6B of these high-yield junk bonds are still waiting to recover their losses. If you are someone who purchased GWG L Bonds at the recommendation of your financial advisor, you should know that waiting for your money through these proceedings could be a very long and potentially disappointing process. What you can do, however, is explore your other legal options and see if you have grounds for suing your broker-dealer or investment adviser that sold you these alternative investments. Visit GWG Holdings for more information.

Our Closed-End Mutual Fund Investment Loss Attorneys Work With Retail Investors, Retirees and Others 

Priority Income Fund Investors Are Wondering What To Do After Liquidity Strategy Changes

While many investors generally think of mutual funds as safe, low-risk investments, that is not always the case. Now, in the wake of Priority Income Fund disclosing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that there has been a change to its liquidation strategy, investors of this closed-end mutual fund may be grappling with what they should do to protect their money.

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