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Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Investors Still Have Time To Sue Their Brokers 

Our Annuity Loss Lawyers Are Representing Claimants Who Suffered Serious Losses

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( are continuing to represent many of the annuity holders who suffered losses in Colorado Bankers Life Insurance and other Greg Lindberg-owned insurance companies. Unfortunately, about 70,000 retirees and other retail customers have been unable to withdraw the savings that they invested in these insurers for the last few years.

Lindberg is now accused of defrauding his insurance of $2B when he allegedly lent their money to his other companies and used funds to pay for his lavish lifestyle. He is also awaiting a retrial on bribery charges that he already served 21 months in prison for. According to a filing made with the North Carolina Supreme Court last July, Lindberg is believed to owe creditors at least $1.9B.

Trying to recoup your losses directly from Colorado Bankers Life Insurance, Bankers Life Insurance, Southland National Insurance Corp., and Southland National Reinsurance Corp. will be very difficult, especially as all of those entities are in rehabilitation. And with Lindberg owing so much money, as Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Senior Partners and annuity loss lawyer Kirk Smith stated in The Wall Street Journal, investors’ best bet for financial recovery is to explore their legal options and determine whether they have grounds for FINRA lawsuit against the brokerage firm that sold you these investments.

Unfortunately, it appears that many brokers may have unsuitably marketed and sold CB Life annuities and other Lindberg insurer-issued annuities to many investors. Not only that but he has long been suspected of funneling money from his insurance companies to his special-purpose vehicles. One can’t help but wonder whether the high commissions and fees brokerage firms earned from selling CB Life annuities and other annuities served as the main incentives for selling them to customers.

Our Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Annuity Loss Lawyers Are Here To Help 

Over the last few years, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas have been zealously investigating many investor losses related to Lindberg-issued annuities, including Northstar financial Services (Bermuda) annuities. We are highly knowledgeable about all of these investments, why they failed, and the kinds of broker fraud or negligence that occurred.

We are representing more than 100 investors in their Lindberg-issued annuity loss lawsuits against dozens of brokerage firms. If you hire us, you will become part of our unit of annuity fraud cases being handled by our entire firm. Trust us when we tell you that it is better to be represented by securities attorneys who are already well-versed in the investment involved in your losses than working with someone who has little experience in the matter.

The lawyers representing the brokerage firms that sold Colorado Bankers Life Insurance annuities know who we are and that they are going to have to contend with us time and again as more annuity fraud lawsuits are filed. They understand that they have to take each of our client’s claims seriously.

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