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Assured Guaranty has filed a lawsuit against Puerto Rico for the second time.  The bond insurance company, which insures about $5 billion of Puerto Rico bonds, wants a federal court to decide that the U.S. territory’s latest fiscal plan to revive it from financial bankruptcy “invalid.”

Also named a defendant in the lawsuit is the fiscal oversight board that was  federally appointed to help the island recover from the over $70 billion of debt that it owes. Assured had filed a similar complaint against Puerto Rico prior to Hurricane Maria’s arrival in September, but it withdrew the lawsuit after the storm.

Now, however, the bond insurer is contending that the fiscal plan, which establishes future economic projections for the U.S. territory, was developed without consulting creditors. The plan estimates about $6.05 billion of debt service capacity over six years, which is a sign that creditors should expect significant reductions to their repayments.

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