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Even though it’s been awhile the auction-rate securities market froze in 2008, credit-ratings firm Fitch Ratings’s new report says that US closed-end funds still hold $26.4 billion in auction-rate preferred shares (ARPS). Researchers say that even though this figure is a 57% drop from the $61.8 billion that was trapped in ARS in January 2008 they are still surprised by the current amount.

While ARPS holders have obtained liquidity through many redemptions, there is still a significant amount that is outstanding. Fitch says that 61% (250) of closed-end funds continue to be leveraged with auction-rate preferred shares. This is down from the 347 in January 2008. Fitch’s report is based on a review of 437 US closed-end funds’ publicly available financial statements.

Since the ARS market collapse in February 2008, closed-end funds have redeemed shares at par value via refinancing or by lowering the funds’ leverage. Still others have offered to purchase the shares at below par value. 22% of the funds that Fitch reviewed has fully redeemed about $22.9 billion in ARPS, while 50% undertook partial redemptions of shares totaling $12.7 billion.

Eaton Vance Management says that five of the closed-end management investment companies that it advises have each received a demand letter on behalf of a putative common shareholder of the “Trusts” alleging breach of fiduciary duty related to the redemption of auction preferred securities after the auction markets failed in February 2008.

The “Trusts”:
• Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Income Trust (NYSE:EFR – News)
• Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Income Fund (NYSE:ETG – News)
• Eaton Vance Limited Duration Income Fund (NYSE Amex: EVV)
• Eaton Vance Insured Municipal Bond Fund (NYSE Amex: EIM)
• Eaton Vance New Jersey Municipal Income Trust (NYSE Amex: EVJ)

The letters seeks to have the Trusts’ Board of Trustees take certain steps to remedy the alleged breaches of duty. Eaton Vance Management is an Eaton Vance Corp. subsidiary.

Also, purported class action complaints have been filed against ETG and EVV on behalf of a putative common shareholder of each Trust. The securities lawsuits are claiming breach of fiduciary duty related to the redemption of auction preferred securities. Eaton Vance Management, Eaton Vance Corp., and the Trustees of the Trusts also are defendants. Eaton Vance provides institutional and individual investors with a wide range of wealth management solutions and investment strategies.

Our securities fraud lawyers represent institutional investors throughout the US. We are here to help you recoup your investment losses.

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