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Trendon T. Shavers, who is accused of operating a Texas Ponzi scam involving a Bitcoin scheme he operated from his residence must pay more than $40.4 million. The SEC filed a securities fraud case against him and his company Bitcoin Savings & Trust last year and sought disgorgement.

According to the regulator, Shavers, a Texas resident, raised more than 700,000 bitcoins while promising investors interest as high as 7% weekly. The allegedly fraudulent activities lasted from November 2011 through August 2012 when the Ponzi scam collapsed.

In a promo that he posted on online, Shavers solicited lenders, offering 1% interest daily for loans involving at least 50 bitcoins. He also published posts touting nearly zero risk, claiming that the business was doing exceptionally well. When his Texas securities scam failed, Shavers showed preference to longtime investors and friends when giving out redemptions.

The New York State Department of Financial Services has subpoenaed a number of investors and digital-currency companies to better understand the Bitcoin (XBT) arena. Letters were sent to key players requesting information about consumer protections, money laundering controls, pitch books, source funding and investments strategies. Among the subpoenaed are Bitcoin exchanges and processors, major investors, and others, including ZipZap, Google Ventures, Winklevoss Capital Management, and Tribeca Venture Partners.

NYSDFS superintendent Benjamin Lawsky says that the financial regulator believes it is essential that there be proper regulatory standards for virtual currencies that will benefit the industry in the long run. The department wants to unearth illegal activities and ensure that the money of Bitcoin companies customers’ are safe. (Consumers have reportedly been complaining about the speed that virtual currency transactions are being processed.) When there is no other primary regulator NYSFDFS is allowed to establish regulation.

It is important to note that just because a subpoenaed was issued does not mean that any criminal activity occurred.

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