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Calamos Asset Management, Inc., the Calamos Convertible Opportunities and Income Fund (NYSE: CHI), Calamos Advisors LLC, current trustees, and one former Fund trustee are now the defendants of a putative class action securities complaint purportedly submitted on behalf of a class of common fund shareholders. The securities fraud lawsuit is alleging breach of fiduciary duty, the aiding and abetting of that breach, and unjust enrichment related to the redemption of auction rate preferred securities (ARPS) after the ARS market collapsed in 2008.

In the securities fraud lawsuit filed by Christopher Brown, Calamos Holdings LLC founder John Calamos Sr. is accused of allowing the investment firm and its management team to benefit from investors’ losses. Brown’s complaint is a refiling of a lawsuit filed in federal court last July. That complaint was withdrawn earlier this month and the claims resubmitted in state court.

Brown contends that Calamos and others were aware they were breaching their fiduciary duty when they let fund advisers benefit while investors sustained financial losses in the “multiple millions of dollars.” Brown wants all losses restored.

He claims that even as the ARS market failed, a burden was not placed on the Calamos Convertible Opportunities and Income Fund, which held auction market preferred shares. However, in June and August, Calamos managers allegedly redeemed some of the funds’ holdings, which were replaced with debt financing that was “less favorable.” Brown says that because this advanced the interests of the managers, the funds’ investment advisors and affiliates but not the interests of common shareholders, it was a breach of fiduciary duty.

Brown is seeking class-action status for any investors in the fund since March 19, 2008. He wants a judge to prevent Calamos trustees from earning fees from the fund or acting as advisers.

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