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Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has ordered CapWest Securities Incorporated to pay nearly $940,000 in a Texas securities fraud case filed by a group of investors over the recommendation and sale of numerous illiquid, risky, convertible debentures. The claimants had accused CapWest of breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, state and federal securities law violations, fraud, gross negligence, negligence, and other actions.

Last month, the FINRA arbitration panel ordered CapWest to pay claimant Robert E. Lee, both as an individual and as a Robert Earl Lee Revocable Trust trustee, $137,000 in compensatory damages. CapWest was also ordered to pay $478,500 in compensatory damages to Beatrice M. McCrae and Buford E. McCrae, both as individuals and on behalf of B.E. McCrae Family Limited Partnership. Robert E. Lee was also to receive $37,330 in interest for the period of October 25, 2008 through July 15, 2011 at a 5% per annum rate. For Buford E. McCrae and Beatrice E. McCrae, the interest of 5% per annum was $95,180 for the period of October 16, 2006 through July 15, 2011. Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, Robert E. Lee is to receive $17,450 in punitive damages. Buford E. McCrae and Beatrice M. McCrae are to get paid $57,370. Payment of the claimants’ costs, legal fees, and other fees were also granted.

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