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A hearing will be held next month to determine whether the investment adviser registrations of STS-Advisors Ltd. and Richard Lewis Bruce with the Securities Commissioner of Texas should be revoked and a cease and desist order issued over allegations of securities fraud. STS and Bruce reportedly gave investment advice to STS-STATS, L.P., and from April 2003 through December 2005 24 investors put more than $2,130,000 into STS Fund. Unfortunately, many of the investors their entire investments.

Last September, an inspection of STS-Advisors revealed that the respondents had taken out money from the STS Fund beyond the fees and expenses that were allowed. These unauthorized withdrawals allegedly took place between at least June 2007 through September 2010 and even as the STS Fund lost value. The alleged withdrawals may have contributed to the fund’s losses.

For example, even though the STS Fund’s monthly ending balance never went above $721,000 between June 2007 and September 2010, the respondents allegedly took out nearly $400,000 during this time. Also, during the quarter that ended last September, the STS Fund’s value was just over $10,000 but respondents allegedly withdrew $9,000.

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