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Joseph Shereshevsky, the ex-COO of Wextrust Capital LLC (Wextrust), has pled guilty to securities fraud, conspiracy and mail fraud charges over his involvement in a $255 million dollar affinity fraud scam. Shereshevsky entered his guilty plea in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

He and codefendant Steven Byers, the private equity concern’s ex-CEO and president, diverted millions in investor funds in a Ponzi scam that took place between 2003 and 2008. Many of the approximately 1,200 investment fraud victims belong to the Orthodox Jewish Community.

Shereshevsky and Byers allegedly made misrepresentations by making it appear as if the investors’ money would go toward the purchase and operation of several commercial properties that the federal government had leased. In fact, the properties were never bought and investors’ funds were put to other uses. Byers and Shereshevsky, who are accused of using about $3 million and $9 million raised in a private placement for purposes that weren’t articulated to investors, also allegedly conspired together to “fabricate a story” about why the deal failed.

Byers pleaded guilty to the securities fraud and conspiracy charges against him last year. The two men, Wextrust, and a number of Wextrust entities, including Wextrust Development Group, LLC (WDG), Wextrust Equity Partners, LLC (WEP), Axela Hospitality, LLC (Axela), and Wextrust Securities, LLC (Wextrust Securities), face SEC civil charges over their alleged misconduct related to the affinity fraud scam.

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