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A sharp drop in the stock of SandRidge Energy Inc. (SDOC) has led to catastrophic losses of more than $7 billion for investors. Just last week, SandRidge Energy shares traded down at 3.8%, dropping to $0.0654. More than 2.3 million shares of the stock were exchanged. According to DailyPolitical, SandRidge Energy stock hit a 12-month high of $1.56; its low was $.03. This week, SandRidge Energy said it would not be able to file its quarterly results on time.

Unfortunately, brokerage firms and financial advisers may have recommended SandRidge Energy stock to investors as a safe proposition even for those seeking conservative, low risk investments. Instead, for some investors, the losses have been devastating. reports that the Oklahoma-based oil and natural gas company is doing so poorly that it could file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by early next month. According to Reuters, the company is talking to creditors about a possible debt restructuring deal. SandRidge reportedly wants creditors to agree on how debt could be lowered with the hope that this would restrict how much time it has to stay in court should it seek bankruptcy protection.

On December 31, the company had $3.6B in debt. Its market capitalization is $70B. It will owe interest on June 1.

Analyst Ratings Network reports that in a recent research note, Zacks Investment Research downgraded SandRidge Energy Inc. to a “sell” rating from a “hold” one. It was just last March that the company reported $.09 earnings/share for the quarter.

SandRidge Energy Stock Claims
Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas, LTD, LLP is investigating claims of investors who have lost money in an investment in SandRidge Energy stock that they bought at the recommendation of a financial advisor. Contact our oil and gas fraud law firm today.

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