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Investors File FINRA Lawsuit Seeking Up to $5M from NI Advisors

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( is continuing to sue the brokerage firms that sold GWG L Bonds to investors. Most recently, this involved two securities fraud claims submitted in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration on behalf of:

  • Two New York investors who are accusing NI Advisors broker Juan Hua Liang of allegedly unsuitably recommending GWG L Bonds. They are seeking up to $5M from the broker-dealer and its financial advisor.
  • An Illinois widow filed a $500K L Bond loss claim against Moloney Securities and its Colorado broker Jeffrey Allen Morris. This retiree contends that the broker-dealer went against her wishes. Rather than place her funds in safe, low risk investments, they invested her in GWG L Bonds and other non-traded alternative investments.

These are not the only L Bond claims that our seasoned investor loss attorneys have filed against NI Advisors and Moloney Securities. We are also representing dozens of other investors, including other retail investors and older retirees, against many of the more than 140 brokerage firms that sold $1.6B of these high-yield junk bonds in the United States.

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In the wake of GWG’s bankruptcy filing last year, the company’s regulatory issues, and not to mention that Chairman Brad Heppner has been accused of running a multi-year fraud, as an investor your best chance for pursuing financial recovery is to explore whether you too have grounds for suing your brokerage firm over your L Bond losses.

How Can You Recover Your GWG L Bond Losses?

Getting all of your money back from GWG will be challenging. However if your financial advisor unsuitably recommended these high-yield junk bonds to you, made misrepresentations and omissions when marketing these products (including downplaying the risks), or overconcentrated your account with too many L Bonds, you very well may be able to file a FINRA lawsuit against your brokerage firm.

GWG L Bonds are high-risk, charging high-interest, callable, unlisted, illiquid, and auto-renewable. They were never a suitable investment for most unsophisticated/conservative investors and retirees. Yet brokerage firms may have disregarded this fact in favor of the high commissions and fees they could earn from selling these high-yield bonds. Many investors are also saying that when they invested in these life settlement-backed bonds, they had no idea that as far back as 2018 GWG stopped investing in life insurance policies and instead began investing in Heppner’s Beneficent Company Group.

Why You May Want To Work With Our Knowledgeable L-Bond Fraud Attorneys

With over 100 years of combined experience in securities law and the securities industry, our legal team at Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas has the skills and resources to pursue even the largest brokerage firms on Wall Street on behalf of investors. Not only that, but because we are already so well-versed in GWG L Bonds, what went wrong with them, and why the brokers that sold them should be held liable, this will only help us in building a solid investor loss claim on your behalf.


Should we agree to work together, know that you will have our entire team of savvy investment fraud lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, and others working on your case and fighting for your financial recovery.

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