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Are You a Latin America Retiree Who Suffered Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) Investor Losses?

Our Northstar (Bermuda) Lawyers Represent International Investors Against US-Based Brokerage Firms

Whether you are a Latin American investor who is a US resident or one who lives abroad if your brokerage firm unsuitably recommended and sold you Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) products, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( may be able to help. For over two years, we have been going after the broker-dealers and their registered representatives that marketed and sold Northstar (Bermuda) annuities and annuity-like investments to foreign nationals.

Many of these investors are from Latin America and include older investors and retirees who were seeking a safe haven for their assets in the United States. Instead, their financial advisors involved them in this offshore entity that is now defunct and in liquidation proceedings. Visit Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) for more information.

Already, our skilled Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) investor loss attorneys have filed dozens of FINRA lawsuits against brokerage firms. Recently, this included yet another securities fraud claim against Ocean Financial Services.

The investor, a Honduran retiree, entrusted her life savings to Ocean Financial Services broker Gonzalo Angel Ruiz, who is also a respondent in her investment loss claim. She contends that the broker-dealer overconcentrated a large portion of her funds in Northstar (Bermuda) even though she had made it clear that she wanted safety and principal preservation. Instead, her investment now may be worthless. Meanwhile, she was allegedly reassured by the brokerage firm that this was a suitable recommendation given her financial goals and risk tolerance level.

How Can Our Trusted Investment Fraud Attorneys Help?

We represent retiree investors, older investors, inexperienced investors, and others who have suffered Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) losses in suing their broker-dealers for damages. Because it was a US-based brokerage firm that recommended this now-failed investment, you will likely have to resolve your dispute through FINRA arbitration. (Broker-dealers normally require that the clients they take on sign a clause in which both parties agree to resolve any disagreements not in court but through an arbitration forum.)

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas represent Latin American investors in arbitration, mediation, and litigation. Should we agree to work together, we will thoroughly investigate your investor loss claim, conduct the proper due diligence to build a solid FINRA lawsuit on your behalf, and represent you before the panel of arbitrators.

Because the panel’s ruling will likely be final, it is important that you have skilled FINRA lawyers by your side from the start. When you hire us, you will get our entire seasoned team of securities lawyers, fraud examiners, legal assistants, and others fighting for you. Not only that, but you will benefit from being part of a large unit of Northstar (Bermuda) investor loss claims represented by us. That said, by the time we have presented your securities claim to the arbitrators, they will know who you are and the heartbreaking impact your investor losses have had on your life.

Although we cannot guarantee any results, you should know that more than 90% of the investors we represent have received full or partial financial recovery.

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