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If You Suffered Investment Losses, Do You Have A Case for Financial Recovery? 

When Can You Sue Your Brokerage Firm For Damages

That all depends. Not all cases of investor loss merit grounds for pursuing damages from your broker-dealer. This is why it is so important that you consult with knowledgeable investment fraud attorneys that can help you accurately assess whether you should file a lawsuit for financial recovery.

At Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( our savvy investment loss attorneys represent retail investors, retirees, inexperienced investors, sophisticated investors, high-net-worth investors, and institutional investors in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration, mediation, and litigation. Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients to collectively recover many millions of dollars in damages from brokerage firms and their financial advisors.

What Should You Know Before You Decide to File an Investment Fraud Lawsuit?

Anytime you invest, you are taking on the risk of possible loss— and some investor losses are just that, such as when market activity causes investments to fluctuate down. (If anyone tries to sell you an investment that they “guarantee” will garner you returns with no risk of loss, this is a big red flag and you should run the other way.)

However, if at any point your broker gave you bad investment advice, such as unsuitably recommending that you invest in a financial product that was too risky for you, mismanaged your portfolio by overconcentrating your account with one particular investment, made misrepresentations and omissions when marketing a security to you, involved you in a trading strategy that was too high-risk given your age and financial goals, ignored red flags that their broker was stealing your money, or was negligent in some other way, you may very well have grounds for going after your brokerage firm.

You should know that generally broker-dealers will not easily admit to liability and they will zealously defend themselves against allegations of brokerage firm negligence or fraud. One reason for this is if they admit wrongdoing— for example that one of their brokers sold you a fraudulent investment or churned in your account—then other customers who had the same misconduct happen to them may step forward and seek damages too. This is all the more reason why you need seasoned investor fraud attorneys representing you.

Why Hire Our Investment Loss Lawyers To Help You Sue Your Broker?

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas is a trusted investment fraud law firm dedicated exclusively to representing investors like you. Since 1990, we have helped thousands of clients throughout the US, as well as international investors with claims against US-based broker-dealers, pursue damages from brokerage firms. More than 90% of those we have represented obtained full or partial financial recovery through awards and settlements.


Most of our securities lawyers, staff, and consultants used to work at brokerage firms, which means we know that side of the industry fairly well. It is why many of us have since decided to become investment loss attorneys. We are here to protect investors, advocate for their best interests, and help them secure the damages they are owed.

“As a former stockbroker myself, I have seen instances of the dark side of the financial industry. I have made it my life’s mission to right the wrongs committed against investors by unscrupulous advisors and firms,” said Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas senior partner and securities attorney Kirk Smith.

Suing your broker is not the kind of legal action that you want to do without skilled investment loss recovery attorneys working for you.

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