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San Diego Couple File Six-Figure GWG L Bond Lawsuit Against Infinity Financial Services And Broker Anna Marie Ocampo Lovell. Our California IL Bond Fraud Law Firm Are Representing This Older Couple

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas (investorlawyers.com) represent retail investors who have suffered losses in GWG Holdings. The alternative asset company is accused of running an allegedly more than $1.6B Ponzi scam that has left tens of thousands of investors who purchased GWG L Bonds, including many retirees, with huge losses.

Our clients include a San Diego couple who are suing Infinity Financial Services and La Jolla, CA-based financial advisor Anna Marie Ocampo Lovell for up to six figures in damages. The investors, who both suffer from health issues, entrusted this Infinity broker to tailor their portfolio to their best interests and protect them from taking on any undue risks.

Instead, Lovell allegedly unsuitably recommended GWG L Bonds, which are illiquid, high-risk junk bonds, and also other illiquid products, including a non-traded real estate investment trust (non-traded REIT). It is important to note that such investment products tend to pay brokerage firms high commissions and are rarely to the benefit of investors.

In their GWG L Bond loss lawsuit, these claimants are alleging gross unsuitability, overconcentration, breach of contract, material misrepresentations and omissions, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, failure to supervise by Infinity Financial Services, and more. The investors also contend that, as a result, the broker-dealer and its registered representative destabilized the claimants’ financial future and seriously impacted their retirement.

Our GWG L Bond Fraud Attorneys Are Here To Fight For Investors That Have Been The Victims of Financial Product Failures

GWG Holdings was in trouble for a while before it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2022. Many L Bond investors were never fully apprised of the risks or that the company was having issues. Allegations soon surfaced that GWG was being run like a Ponzi scam.

Dozens of regional broker-dealers are believed to have marketed and sold GWG L Bonds. Even if they weren’t directly involved in the alleged investment scheme, they had a duty to make sure these were safe for investors. Instead, many retail investors, including seniors, have collectively lost millions of dollars.

While there has been a bankruptcy filing this is certainly no guarantee that L bond investors will get anything back from these proceedings. What you can do, however, is explore your legal options to determine whether your broker-dealer engaged in alleged misconduct or negligence to which you may be able to hold them liable. Pursuing damages for your losses would likely take place through Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration.

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas has been closely investigating L bond losses for the last couple of years and we are well-versed in how brokers failed investors by unsuitably recommending these illiquid junk bonds. We have the skills, resources, and experience to represent you against your broker-dealer should we decide to work together. You want to hire knowledgeable L Bond loss recovery attorneys who understand this investment and exactly what happened.

Over the years, more than 90% of all of our clients have received full or partial financial recovery with our help.

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