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If you are someone whose Oppenheimer financial advisor marketed and recommended the brokerage firm’s Portfolio Enhancement Program (PEP), and you have since suffered related investment losses, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( would like to talk to you. Unfortunately, it seems that a significant number of wealthy investors may not have been fully apprised of the risks involved in this proprietary program.

Oppenheimer PEP is now closed but not before investors reportedly suffered serious losses. Marketed as a hedged investment that provided a chance for participants to supposedly make an additional 5% if they borrowed money on margin, the minimum investment allowed was $1.25M. Many who got involved thought they were giving themselves a chance to generate a passive stream of income.

However, not only was a low-interest, low-volatile environment required for Oppenheimer PEP to succeed, but also, borrowing on margin can be a high-risk proposition even for rich and accredited investors. It is most certainly unsuitable for inexperienced investors and most conservative seniors.

One retiree has already filed a FINRA lawsuit against Oppenheimer accusing broker E. Matthew Steinberg of breaching his fiduciary duty, committing margin abuse, and engaging in securities fraud. The Pennsylvania financial advisor allegedly recommended that the claimant invest in Oppenheimer PEP.  In his $2.5M arbitration claim, this investor is accusing the broker-dealer of failure to supervise.

Why You Need Skilled Margin Abuse Lawyers To Represent You

Borrowing on margin can be a high-risk, complex proposition that may lead to serious investment losses when it doesn’t go well. Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas have been working with investors who have been the victim of margin abuse involving a broker for years now. This has included going up against the largest Wall Street Firms to fight for the damages they are owed.

Even wealthy investors can suffer huge losses. Our savvy margin trading loss attorneys have represented high-net-worth investors, accredited investors, ultra-high-net-worth investors, and many others. We know how to maximize your chance for a full recovery.

But first, we need to assess during your initial, no-obligation case assessment whether your investment losses were indeed caused by broker misconduct. Unfortunately, the opportunity to earn high commissions and fees can compel greedy financial advisors and their firms to disregard their clients’ best interests and make unsuitable investment recommendations.

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