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Are You an Oppenheimer PEP Investor Who Suffered Serious Losses? Our Margin Abuse Lawyers Are Representing Claimants In Suing This Broker-Dealer

For the last several months, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Margin Abuse Lawyers ( has been speaking to accredited investors who were marketed and sold the Oppenheimer Portfolio Enhancement Program (PEP) by their broker. This is a proprietary program that the firm offered to wealthy customers as a supposed chance to earn up to an additional 5% if they participated and borrowed on margin.

A $1.25M minimum was required to become involved in Oppenheimer PEP. This was a high-risk, hedged investment program that, in truth, could only succeed in a low-volatile, low-interest environment.

Like other proprietary programs requiring investors to borrow on margin—the UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy (UBS YES) is one prime example—Oppenheimer PEP did poorly and caused investors serious losses. Many of these Oppenheimer customers said that their financial advisor never fully informed them of the risks they were taking on.

Oppenheimer has since closed down its PEP program.

Already, at least one investor is suing for damages. In his $2.5M Oppenheimer PEP fraud lawsuit, the retiree contends that broker E Matthew Steinberg allegedly breached his fiduciary duty to him and committed other acts of broker misconduct.

Borrowing On Margin Is Risky                     

Borrowing on margin can be high risk. True, significant money can be made if all goes well, but there is no guarantee that huge losses may result instead.

Just because someone is an accredited investor does not mean they cannot sustain devastating financial harm from significant investment losses. As a matter of fact, we have represented many clients who are high-net-worth investors, rich investors, and ultra-high-net-worth investors that suffered life-altering portfolio losses because of margin abuse and other types of broker misconduct or negligence.

What Should You Do If You Were An Oppenheimer PEP Investor?

Contact our margin abuse lawyers today to schedule your free, no-obligation case assessment. If we determine that you have grounds for a claim against Oppenheimer, and we decide to work together, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas will investigate the cause of your losses and prepare/file your broker fraud lawsuit for you.

When you retain us, you are hiring not just one broker-dealer misconduct lawyer. Everyone at our securities law firm will be providing you with quality representation and customized attention.

We are also currently investigating other investor losses involving Oppenheimer, including those caused by the $110M Horizon Private Equity III Ponzi scam run by its ex-financial advisor John Woods. Already, the broker-dealer has paid more $50M to investors that were harmed in this scheme. There is a very good chance that it will have to pay even more money as the arbitration claims continue to come in.

When your broker-dealer and/or its registered representative engages in unsuitability, failure to supervise, malpresentations and omissions, negligence, gross negligence, or other kinds of broker misconduct, you may be able to sue for damages.

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