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$10B Non-Traded REIT Is In Trouble As Investors Continue To Clamor For Redemptions

If you are waiting to get your money from the Starwood Real Estate Income Trust (SREIT), Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( want to talk to you. The $10B non-traded real estate investment trust (non-traded REIT) from Starwood Capital Group has been limiting investor redemptions in an attempt to preserve its cash and credit. This includes, according to regulatory filings, only fulfilling $500M of the $1.3B of investor withdrawals made in the first quarter of this year. Withdrawal requests for just 2023 were said to be at $2.6B. Starwood REIT recently reportedly withdrew $1.3B from its credit line of $1.5B to meet redemption demands. SREIT’s total indebtedness is believed to be as high as $15B.

This non-traded real estate investment trust’s liquidity woes continue. The DI Wire recently expressed concern that Starwood Real Estate Income Trust might not be able to cover future needs if its problems continue.

SREIT is involved in different sectors of real estate, including industrial properties, multi-family homes, and debt secured by real estate. The real estate market, overall, has been exhibiting signs of instability in the wake of interest rates going up and the prospect of possible loan defaults.

The problems experienced by SREIT are prime examples of why non-traded REITs are high-risk investments and unsuitable for many retail investors. It is why brokerage firms have a duty to conduct the necessary due diligence into whether marketing an alternative investment like Starwood REIT is appropriate for each customer given their investing goals, risk tolerance level, age, and other key facts related to their profile. Not only that but these are illiquid investments. Yet, because they tend to pay stockbrokers high commissions and fees, the money made by brokers can be enough temptation to disregard customers’ best interests even when this is an unsuitable recommendation.

Our Non-Traded REIT Attorneys are Representing Non-Traded REIT Investors All Over The US

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Non-Traded REIT Attorneys represent Starwood REIT investors and other non-traded real estate investment trust investors in pursuing the damages they are owed because of broker fraud or negligence. As a matter of fact, our financial advisor negligence lawyers have been investigating Starwood REIT for some time now, ever since this perpetual-life monthly NAV REIT was impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These alternative investments can be complex and difficult to understand. It is why you want to work with seasoned non-traded REIT loss lawyers who know what they are involved in and can fight for your financial recovery from broker-dealers and their financial advisors.

We have collectively recovered many millions of dollars for thousands of clients in arbitration, mediation, and litigation. Our Non-Traded REIT Attorneys has been exclusively fighting for investors for over 30 years. We have the resources and skills to go up against even the largest Wall Street firms. When you work with us, you can count on receiving experienced securities representation and personalized attention.

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