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Did Your Broker Sell You Signature Bank Autocallable Notes?

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In March 2023, Signature Bank shuttered its doors. The Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas Structured Product Attorneys  ( are speaking to investors whose financial advisors may have allegedly unsuitably recommended that they get involved in the Autocallable Contingent Coupon Equity Linked Securities Linked to Signature Bank Due August 5, 2024. Sponsored by Citigroup Global Markets, this is a structured note that came with an “auto-call” feature. Autocallable notes are complex financial instruments that can lead to potentially high returns but also come with significant risks.

Investors who bought Signature Bank Autocallable Notes purchased a bond-like investment linked to an underlying index or asset, with the underlying being Signature Bank. Some of the risks that came with this financial instrument included the possibility of the issuer defaulting on their obligations, the autocallable structured note’s value is dependent on how the underlying asset performed, and a call feature that made it possible for the issuer to redeem the notes early. Such risks made Signature Bank Autocallable Notes unsuitable for many conservative and inexperienced investors from the start. They may not even have been suitable for certain wealthy investors.

Why Speak With Our Trusted Structured Product Attorneys? 

Unfortunately, there is growing concern that many investors whose brokers told them to invest in Signature Bank Autocallable Notes and other high-risk structured products may not have been properly apprised of or understood the risks. Not only are these types of investments hard to understand, but they are also tough to explain, which increases the risks of possible misrepresentations and omissions being made.

As a matter of fact, many autocallable note investors in recent years have been blindsided to discover that what they thought were lower-risk, bond-like investments that gave them “downside protection” from an index’s losses only had said protection if the index’s value didn’t drop under a certain set price. If the latter did happen, then these high-risk investments could cause investors to suffer serious losses.

At Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas, our seasoned structured product attorneys are here to help investors recover their losses caused by the unscrupulous or negligent actions of their financial advisors. We have the skills, resources, and manpower to go up against even the largest Wall Street Firms. More than 90% of our clients have received full or partial financial recovery with our help.

Structured product loss lawsuits are complex securities cases and you want an experienced securities law firm representing you from the start.

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