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Gonzalo Ortiz, an investment adviser, is facing charges accusing him of defrauding one investor of more than $570K. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ortiz appropriated about $224,500 of his client’s funds and lost about $290K through trades that he made.

In its complaint, the SEC said from 2015 to 2017, Ortiz persuaded an acquaintance to give him control of nearly $570K, much of which were retirement funds. The investment adviser allegedly did this by promising the investor a 50% yearly return and while falsely touting a successful track record in investing.

At first, said the Commission, the investor gave Ortiz $200K to invest. Although the investment adviser was not authorized to use the money for his own use, he allegedly spent about $56K on cars and other goods while losing the remainder of the funds through trading. Ortiz then gave the investor a bogus account statement showing an over 50% return on the investment, compelling his client to give him another $200K to invest.

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