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Another Jury Finds Ex-Jefferies Group Trader Guilty of RMBS Fraud
A federal jury has convicted Jesse Litvak of one count of securities fraud. The ex-Jefferies Group LLC (JEF) bond trader was tried again on allegations that he bilked customers of $2M when he inflated the prices that he claimed he paid for residential mortgage-backed securities. As a result of his claims, professional investment managers and hedge funds paid too much for bonds.

Another jury had found Litvak guilty of fraud two years ago. However, in 20015, a federal appellate court dismissed parts of the RMBS fraud case against him. The securities fraud charges were retried before a new jury.

During this trial, prosecutors claimed that Litvak’s customers had totally relied on him for bond pricing information. His legal team, however, argued that his customers were sophisticated investors and did what they wanted regardless of his advice.

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A jury has convicted Ex-Jefferies Group LLC (JEF) trader Jesse Litvak of securities fraud. Litvak was found guilty of 15 criminal counts, including 10 securities fraud counts related to his misrepresenting bond prices to customers so he could make more money for him and his firm. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges. Jefferies Group is a Leucadia National Corp. (LUK) unit.

According to the government, the 39-year-old trader gave clients inaccurate information about the price of residential mortgage-backed bonds and kept the monetary difference. Litvak, who worked at Jefferies from April 2008 through December 2011, is accused of bilking customers of about $2 million, benefiting himself and his employer.

While Litvak’s legal team tried to persuade a jury that statements Litvak made no difference to customers or their decision of whether to buy the bonds, and that the tactics his client employed are “expected,” the government argued that Litvak’s statements did affect his clients. Litvak was also found guilty of a criminal charge accusing him of fraud related to the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

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