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Elderly couple alleges unsuitability and concentration in risky speculative junk bonds 

Two San Francisco retirees have filed a $500k Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) case against NI Advisors, its President Sui-hock Goy, and broker Shirley Ank Wong. Broker Ank Wong also operates locally as AK Advisors in Daly City, CA. The investors contend they were unsuitably recommended L bonds despite wanting safe, secure investments for their retirement money. 

These elderly customers are accusing Wong of using their shared cultural affinity to market these illiquid high-yield bonds to them.  She then allegedly proceeded to concentrate $200k of their money in GWG L bonds while earning high commissions in the process.

Broker Peter Po Unsuitably Recommended High-Risk Product

A California investor has sustained losses in GWG Holdings’ (NASDAQ: GWGH) L Bonds. NI Advisors and broker Peter T. Po unsuitably recommended this precarious high-yield bond. This retail customer has filed a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration claim requesting damages for his losses. 

Our GWG L Bond investment attorneys represent this claimant in his FINRA arbitration case. We are also investigating other claims of losses by investors whose brokerage firms sold them this illiquid, risky product. 

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