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Jury Convicts Investment Manager for Defrauding Lenders and Clients

A federal jury has convicted Shawn Baldwin, a Chicago investment manager, on seven counts of wire fraud. Baldwin is accused of fraudulently obtaining over $10M from at least 15 investors and lenders between 2006 and 2017. They thought that their money would go into investment products. Instead, he spent their money on his own personal bills. Meantime, his victims were given fake account statements with false information about their funds’ value so he could hide the fraud.

Individual and corporate lenders were among those that gave Baldwin their money to invest. He is accused of “exaggerating” his successful track record and professional ties, as well as mispresenting and minimizing past disciplinary action brought against him, including the revocation of his certifications with FINRA and that in 2013, the State of Illinois permanently barred Baldwin from offering investment advice or selling securities.

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