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Can I Sue My Stockbroker For My Investment Losses?

A Seasoned Broker Fraud Attorney Can Help You Explore Your Legal Options

That depends. Anytime you invest you are taking on some risk. It is not uncommon to make losses and gains on your investment over time, especially depending on what is going on with the markets, and no one is necessarily at fault. However, if your financial advisor engaged in some type of broker misconduct or was negligent and this played a part in your portfolio losses, you may be able to sue them for damages in FINRA arbitration.

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Why Should I File My Broker Fraud Lawsuit in FINRA Arbitration Rather Than Court?

Nowadays, signing with a brokerage firm to have them manage your funds usually requires that you agree to a pre-dispute arbitration clause. With this clause, you consent to resolve any future disagreements in arbitration rather than suing in court. Although less expensive and time-consuming, arbitration is a very specific kind of legal forum and one that you should not try to go through without knowledgeable stockbroker negligence arbitration attorneys representing you.

A Few of The Common Reasons Why Investors Sue Their Brokers

Unsuitability: Your broker makes an investment recommendation that is too risky for you given your financial goals, investing experience, or risk tolerance level, and you lose money in these investments.

Due diligence failures: Your financial advisor neglected to properly vet an investment opportunity they recommended to you and you ended up losing money in what proved to be a financial scam.

Poor portfolio management: Your stockbroker did not regularly review your account, which left you with financial products that you should have exited due to new, unfavorable information that came to light after you invested in them. Because you stayed with these investments, you suffered significant losses.

Misrepresentations and omissions: Your broker-dealer did not fully apprise you of the high risks involved in a particular trading strategy—one that you might not have agreed to if only you had received all of the key information.

Negligence: Your brokerage firm failed to properly supervise your financial adviser who, unbeknownst to them, was stealing money from you and other investors.

What Should I Do If You Suspect I Was The Victim of Broker Negligence?

  • Do NOT try to settle this matter directly with your brokerage firm. Once you start accusing them of broker fraud they stop being on your side and start protecting themselves from liability.
  • Gather any information, including key documents and emails. Write down any recollections about conversations with your financial advisor.
  • Contact our knowledgeable broker misconduct attorneys so that we can help you assess what happened.


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