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If You’ve Joined A Class Action Securities Fraud Lawsuit Against GWG Holdings Can You Still Sue Your Broker?

Our Broker Negligence Law Firm Represents GWG Investors Against Broker-Dealers

At the end of March, the legal team for GWG Holdings told a Texas bankruptcy judge that it needed another two weeks to provide more disclosures related to creditor recovery. The life insurance-backed bond seller, which is accused of running a more than $1.6B Ponzi scam, filed for Chapter 11 protection last year.

US Bankruptcy Judge Isgur had said he would reject the Dallas-based alternative asset firm’s plan disclosure statement because he did not feel like debtors would be receiving enough information about possible recoveries, causes of action, and litigation. GWG, which sold L bonds to investors, is in over $2B of debt. The company is the defendant in class action securities fraud lawsuits brought by investors.

About 27,000 investors may have been financially harmed in an alleged multi-year fraud that GWG Chairman Brad Heppner is believed to be involved.

How Can Our GWG L Bond Broker Negligence Law Firm Help?

While joining class action securities fraud litigation may appear more convenient and low-risk than hiring an experienced securities fraud law firm to file your own investor loss claim, you should know that with the former, plaintiffs usually end up receiving insignificant amounts back—usually five to 15 cents on every dollar lost.

Going after your broker-dealer who may have overconcentrated your account with too many L bonds or was negligent in other ways, however, can maximize your chances for a full recovery. This is something you may be able to do even if you elected to join class action litigation against GWG.

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( represent investors against broker-dealers that sold L Bonds to them. Already, we have filed a number of broker negligence lawsuits for those seeking damages.

Most recently, this includes a six-figure investor loss claim on behalf of a California retiree against Center Street Securities. The claimant contends that the brokerage firm engaged in alleged misrepresentations and omissions when making an unsuitable investment recommendation that earned Center Street high commissions. Not only did this older investor lose her entire principal, but also, her retirement has been negatively impacted.

This is not the first time we have sued Center Street Securities over GWG L Bond investor losses.

Why Hire Our Savvy L Bond Loss Law Firm 

Should we agree to work together, you would be retaining our entire team of trusted securities lawyers, legal assistants, and consultants. All of us are well-versed in why GWG and its investment products failed and the ways in which broker-dealers should be held liable. We can conduct a thorough investigation into your L Bond investment losses, prepare a solid statement of claim for you, and represent you before the panel of FINRA arbitrators.

Because the ruling by the FINRA arbitration panel is likely final, with very room for appeal, you want experienced broker negligence attorneys handling your claim from the start. Over the years, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas has helped thousands of investors, including inexperienced investors, retirees, conservative investors, accredited investors, senior investors, high-net-worth investors, institutional investors, and others, to collectively recover many millions of dollars in damages from broker-dealers and investment advisors.

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