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From Our Chicago Securities Law Offices, our Illinois FINRA Attorneys Represent Investors Against Broker-Dealers

For more than 30 years, Shepherd Smith Edwards, and Kantas ( have been fighting for investors throughout Illinois in helping them to pursue the damages they are owed from the brokerage firms that caused their investment losses. This includes representing them in FINRA arbitration, which is where such claims against broker-dealers and their registered representatives are usually brought.

Our trusted Illinois FINRA law firm knows how devastating it can be to suffer serious portfolio losses, which is why we are here to help. We work with retail investors, retirees, senior investors, accredited investors, high-net-worth individual investors, ultra-high-net-worth individual investors, and institutional investors that were the victims of broker misconduct or negligence.

Why You Need Seasoned Chicago FINRA Lawyers On Your Side

Filing your securities fraud case in FINRA arbitration is not the same as suing the financial firm in court. However, going through the arbitration process to resolve any disagreements with your broker-dealer is what you likely agreed to do when you signed the pre-dispute arbitration clause in your agreement to work with the firm. This is just one of the reasons why you need to retain the services of skilled Chicago FINRA lawsuit attorneys. You want a legal team that not only has experience representing investors in securities arbitration, mediation, and litigation but also has obtained successful case outcomes for clients.

Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas have represented thousands of investors and helped many of them to secure the awards and settlements they are owed. More than 90% of investors we have worked with have received full or partial financial recovery.

Visit FINRA Arbitration FAQs for more information.

What Are Your Chances of Winning Your FINRA Lawsuit? 

Often, investors will contact us wanting to know if it is worth it to go after their broker-dealer. Many ask, why not try to directly work it out with the firm?

You should know that the chances of a brokerage firm willingly admitting to any kind of wrongdoing are highly slim to none. Some may even try to delay or undermine your claim, which could hurt your chances of financial recovery in the long run.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your securities fraud lawsuit—the quality of your claim, the severity of the alleged misconduct, and other factors play key roles in how your case will end—hiring our seasoned Chicago FINRA arbitration lawyers to protect your legal rights and represent you against the broker-dealer and their army of attorneys can only maximize your chances of receiving damages.

Remember that the arbitration panel’s ruling is likely final with no room, if any, for an appeal. You need savvy legal counsel that, from the start, not only knows how to conduct a thorough examination of your losses but also will prepare a solid broker fraud lawsuit on your behalf.

What Distinguishes Our Illinois FINRA Arbitration Law Firm From Others?

Unlike many of the law firms out there, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas do not represent investors in multiple legal practice areas. We are 100% dedicated to fighting for investors.

As one of the largest investment loss recovery firms in the United States, and with over 100 years of combined experience in securities law and the securities industry, we have the resources, knowledge, and manpower to give each of our clients quality legal representation that their investor fraud lawsuit warrants. We have gone up against even the largest firms on Wall Street on behalf of clients. Over the years, our capable investor loss attorneys have collectively recovered many millions of dollars for Chicago investors and others.

Should we agree to work together, you will not have just one securities lawyer representing you but our entire team of broker fraud attorneys, legal assistants, and consultants assigned to your claim. We will be with you every step of the way providing you with personalized service and attention.

How To Contact Us:

From our securities law offices conveniently located in the Chicago Board of Trade Building, Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas represent Illinois investors in Cook County, Will County, McHenry County, DuPage County, and throughout the state.

To schedule your free, no-obligation case consultation, you can contact us online or call us at (800) 259-9010 or locally at  (312) 462-4176.

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